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Saturday 7 November 2009

Gail Force: Fri Nov 6, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Jonathan Harvey (7:30) and Damon Rochefort (8:30), directed by Tim Dowd.

Roy wants to tell the police about Tony's confession, but Hayley convinces him not to. Maria comes in with a gift of flowers for Roy, which is accepted by Hayley. Maria then tells Hayley that Tony would like to see her. Roy looks horrified at the thought. Turns out that Tony would like to give Hayley her supervisor job back, with good pay. Roy figures that Tony is trying to buy them off, so he heads over to confront him. Roy accuses Tony of murder, so Tony hands Roy the phone and tells him to call the police, calling Roy's bluff. Roy puts the phone down, the leaves. Later, Roy tells Hayley what happened, but Hayley's not happy and tells him to drop it. Roy agrees to, but only for her sake, we all know we haven't see the end of this!

Over at Gail's, Joe's in a "walkin' on sunshine" good mood, as he drags Ted through the door by the hand, then grabs David and swings him around like a rag doll. David informs Ted that Joe's happy since Gail let him keep the boat. It's the anniversary of the death of Ted's former partner, and he instills in everyone the urgency to keep loved ones close when you have them. This makes Joe think, and he plans an elaborate romantic evening for Gail upon his boat, aptly named "Gail Force." At the end of their gloriously romantic evening under the stars, and under the fireworks from the Underworld roof, thanks to Kirk and Tyrone, Joe proposes to Gail, and she accepts! Yay?

Ken learns from Leanne and Peter about Simon's "other granddad" George. Ken tries to take control of the situation by inviting George and all over to No.1 for some nibbles and tea. George arrives, and assumes that Blanche is Ken's wife, and that (thanks to Blanche) Deirdre is "Edna" their slow house-keeper. Blanche really knows how to spice up a tea party. George comes bearing gifts including Chablis and balsamic vinegar for the adults, and an expensive new (wicked) video game hand-held for Simon. It sure trumped the yo-yo that Ken got for Simon earlier. Simon, and all the other Barlows besides Ken, are just delighted with George. Could Ken be feeling overshadowed in the Granddad department? As Blanche says about George: "Good looking, good company, and loaded. I think I'm in love!" Could Simon be as easily swayed?

Connie and Jack meet Molly and Tyrone for a drink in the Rovers. After drinks, Connie sets off to her sisters, but Jack insists that he stay behind with Tyrone. The second Connie leaves, Jack suggest they go for another in the Rovers. Jack wonders why Tyrone and Molly have Kirk staying with them since he thought they needed the place to themselves. Could Jack be worried about Tyrone warming his old bed? Tyrone asks if there's anything the matter between him and Connie. Jack tells him that Connie paces back and forth on the landing outside his bedroom when he's in bed, and it makes him uncomfortable. Tyrone reckons that Connie might want more than just a "companionship" then calls her a dirty mare. Later at Connie's, we see Jack in bed, then Connie stood outside his door, hand on his (door) knob. Jack quickly turns out the light and pretends to snore until she goes away. Why doesn't he just talk to her about it? Rather silly!

Now for la piece de resistance of this episode: Norris and Horace. Flaming Nora did a lovely piece highlighting this coupling earlier here, so I won't elaborate too much, 'cept to agree. Horace walks into the Kabin and the two of them are like two peas in a pod. You know, a very low hanging pod, but nonetheless. They agree with almost everything down to holding agnosticism in high regard. Horace also ironically lets Norris know that he is a "one of a kind" person. Simon comes in with Ken to get a special present, and looks at Horace and tells him he looks different today. Then he sees Norris return from the back of the shop and exclaims: "There's two of them!" Horace disputes that Norris and he look nothing alike, then calls Simon a rude little boy. Norris doens't like how Horace has spoken to the customer, and tells Horace they have to have "a chat." Oh, no! Does this mean the end of this duplicitous duplicity? Surely, it cannot. And, don't call me Shirley.

- Hayley warning Roy if he goes to the police, he'll be laughed at. Roy says he's used to being laughed at, so he'll take it in stride. Haha.
- Baby Liam being absolutely adorable and Tony looking absolutely amazing in a polo shirt.
- When Hayley tells Roy about her new supervisor position and the good pay attached, Roy asks how much she's getting paid - for her soullllll. That sounded so ghoulish!
- Tony's glare at Roy behind Maria's back when Roy comes to confront him. If looks could kill! Oh, wait.
- Ozzy jumping on top of Roy and Roy flailing around to get him to stop. I played this scene over again, I couldn't stop laughing for some reason. Ozzy's definitely the best pet on Corrie right now. - Joe's "Walkin' on sunshine" dance scene where he grabs David like a rag doll and swings him around while David protests "gerrof me!!" Haha.
- David's soft side as he asks his granddad if he'd like to be treated to a haircut by him, since he must be feeling down on the anniversary of his partner's passing. David's soft side is like a solar eclipse, it doesn't happen very often, and when it does, it's hard to watch.
- Blanche referring to Deirdre as "Edna" the slow housekeeper. Classic Blanche!
- Horace and Norris. You know why.
- Graeme recommending that Norris go to the DIY shop and as for a product called the "crack hoe" to get the weeds out from the cracks in his yard. Norris realizing, after an embarrassing trip to the DIY store, that a crack-hoe has nothing to do with gardening! That Graeme.

- Tony flirting with the doctor in the hospital. What was that about?
- Roy comparing Tony to the murderer in Edgar Allen Poe's "The Telltale Heart." Wow, he really knows how to rub it in. Not sure if this should have been a lowlight or a highlight to be honest.
- Joe has breakfast with Ted in the cafe and tells Ted that he plans to romance the pants off Gail, his daughter. Awk-ward! Sometimes Ted is the only character that seems to have any sense or reality on this show! He's our little mole!
- Kenneth getting usurped by Granddad George. It's kinda sad, but on the other hand, there's nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition. I have a feeling Granddad George is all bark and no bite anyhow.
- Jack afraid of Connie's mystery-night-advances. Why doesn't he just say something? And asking Tyrone for advice? What? Haha.

For those who prefer the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.

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Walzing Matilda said...

These were really good episodes, nice to see Anthony Valentine as Grandad George but I suspect he isnt all he seems. Did think the story with Jack and Connie very silly and seaside postcardish though.


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