Sunday, 29 November 2009

This week's Corrie weekly awards, Nov 23 - 27

Best scene of the week: Gold Star: Betty, Teresa and Audrey in the salon. Only because Betty is just a STAR and we don't see enough of her!

Silver Star: Gail and Audrey talking about love and marraige. Nice little nod to the past there, too.

Things must be bad award: If it tempts Claire to swear, it must be the end of the world!

I don't feel sorry for you award: Liz upset over Lloyd and Teresa. You had your chance and you turned him down.

Give 'em a tube of suncream award: There's an awful lot of Weatherfielders sporting tans. Deirdre seems to have the darkest, Carla's not far behind. Janice has been sporting a tan for years.

Suckup Award: Sally of course! Could she get her nose any further up Carla's backside? She sure got her comeuppance!

Retro dance moment: Claire and Graeme doing the Charleston!
Lines of the week:
Sophie to Rosie: "I might've known you couldn't feel guilty for more than a second"

Carla: "Sally. Why are you standing there trying to look important?" (Because that's what she does!)

Rosie to Carla: "If you need me, I'm available." Carla: "'Available'. Could almost be your middle name, that!"

A Betty Two-fer: "Nobody ever got addicted to a good strong cuppa tea, do they?" (I've known one or two!)
"For a good hairdresser, ooh you make a lousy liar, Audrey Roberts" (I just love Betty so much!)
Teresa to Lloyd: "No doubt about it. You've definitely upgraded" (From Liz? erm...)


Cobblestone said...

How the devil did Graham come to share Claire's knowledge of "Won't You Charleston With Me?" We must assume that his extensive knowledge of black and white movies extends to Ken Russell's film version of 'The Boyfriend'. Great scene though.

Tvor said...

Well to be fair, he did see her singing and dancing it first and then joined in.

Unknown said...

Agreed about Betty! I love 'er and we never get to see much of 'er.

I don't think Liz is upset over Theresa and Lloyd being together. I think she's upset because she's being harassed. I don't think she really loves Lloyd, if she did, she would have kept him. Bring Jim back!

Tina McIntyre DEFINITELY has the darkest fake tan!

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