Friday, 20 November 2009

Fab Photo Friday, November 20 2009

Nick Tilsley's on his way back to Coronation Street for mum Gail's wedding to Joe. But today's fab Corrie photo is from Nick's wedding to Leanne Battersby back in January 1998.

The couple travelled to Scotland for the day where they married with two passers-by as witnesses. No one in Weatherfield except Roy Cropper knew of their plans so the couple spent their wedding night apart at their repective parents' houses after an afternoon in a hotel.

Hmm... I wonder if Nick and Leanne will stir things up again this time around?

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Anonymous said...

Ah they were rather sweet weren't they! I hope Corrie don't conveniently forget Nick's relationship with Leanne, and Maria for that matter.

Anonymous said...

That's Leanne? She's lost a couple of stones and got her teeth fixed... ah well, it's a cute photo.

Oh no, our Maria was also involved with this Nick guy?

Is there anyone she wasn't involved with? Roy Cropper?

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