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Tuesday 10 November 2009

Back Off: Mon Nov 9, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Debbie Oates (7:30) and Mark Wadlow (8:30), directed by John Anderson.

The news of Gail and Joe's engagement goes around, and the only person who isn't happy for them is, surprise, David. Although, we haven't heard what Audrey has to say yet. Happiness doesn't last long, as Joe is approached by a loan shark who has taken over the loan he had with Len Windass' "friends." The loan shark says that Joe owes him 9 grand, but Joe says it's only 2. Loan Shark reminds him about interest, and takes Joe's van. Joe thinks that this is the end of it. Later, Joe fibs and tells his everyone that he sold the van since he didn't need it anymore, and he wanted some money to buy Gail a nice rock. Why do I have a feeling that we haven't seen the last of Joe's debts coming back to haunt him?

Norris has still got a chip on his shoulder in regards to Graeme. He believes that Graeme hasn't successfully removed the bird "doings" from the windows, and tells Emily not to pay him. After a bit of back and forth, Emily pays him, and Norris is out a couple magazines for his pettiness.

Freda finds an article in the newspaper featuring her old employer who has complained about a "thief" stealing her prosthetic leg. Really? This prosthetic leg thing wasn't just a one-off last episode? Freda convinces Graeme to help her out. She hands over the leg, concealed in garbage bags, to Graeme so he can drop it at a charity shop. Believing this will somehow make it's way back to the old owner, and she'll not have to deal with police and go to jail.

It's Hayley's first day as Relief Manager, and everyone is shocked that she's back. Especially Julie, since she's been reigning supervisor all this while. Hayley's has a lot on her plate with this new position, nevermind having to look out for Roy, to make sure he doesn't set Tony Gordon off. Well, Roy does everything in his power to do exactly that. He calls, visits, and even stalks Tony outside his bedroom window in the rain. He'll go to any length to try to ensure that Tony's gotten his message. Someone should warn Roy that if he plays with fire, he'll get burnt. Tony complains to Maria about Roy's strange stalkerish behaviour, and Maria goes over to Roy's to give him a message: "back off." We all know that we haven't seen the end of this, and that Roy is a persistent man.

John Stape is being released from prison tomorrow, and Fiz is excited and nervous about his arrival. She cleans the house up and down, then realizes how ugly and "un-homey" it is, and reckons it needs a makeover. Kirk and Chesney surprise her, with the enlisted help of David and Zoe, with a newly made-over house fit for an Easter Bunny, with the brightest pastels you've ever seen. Naturally, Fiz is elated. I liked it better before.

Jack has been hiding from Connie, but she finally gets him to meet her in the pub and wants an explanation for why he's moved out. Jack explains that he doesn't want "that kind" (read: sexual) relationship with her. Connie says she doesn't either, and wants to know why he thought otherwise. Jack admits to hearing her haunting around his bedroom door at night. Connie tells him that she's had a history of sleepwalking, and she doesn't even remember doing it! They laugh, and make up. Jack is back at Connie's and Tyrone has more room to himself and Molly at the Old Rectory.


- Tina congratulating her father on his engagement to Gail, until she realizes that that means that David will be her brother. *shudder*
- Freda and Tina teasing Norris about the age of bird poop on a window. Anything that gets Norris in a tizzy is good by me.
- Maria telling Roy to "back off" Tony. Way to stand by your man, girl.
- Kirk, Chesney, David and Zoe redecorating No.5 for Fiz. It was a really nice effort. However, I thought it was so ugly, and probably looked better before. Even though it looked bad before.
- Tyrone making Molly's stomach turn as he goes over all the affair's Kevin has had, and how he's still returned to Sally in the end.
- Not much else, I thought this was a pretty boring, uneventful episode for the most part.


- Joe lying to Gail about his debt woes. It'll all end in tears.
- Tina's orange-face! I can't take it anymore!
- How rude Roy was to Anna over the sausage-buttie incident. Sure, he apologized and paid double, but still.
- Roy harassing Tony in general. He really doesn't have any proof. Roy Cropper is probably annoying me more than he's annoying Tony at this point!
- Roy Cropper standing outside in the rain staring up at Tony in his bedroom window. Creeeeeepy! This is the stuff horror movies are made of! I had nightmares.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


Anonymous said...

I love the whole Tony/Maria/Roy storyline, but it was totally random for Roy to stand outside Maria's house in the middle of the night. As if he would do that, and as if Tony would get out of bed just to look out of the window! Weird.

John said...

I really hope that when the time comes for a new producer they hire someone who doesn't continually ignore realism for the sake of a dramatic moment.

Just this week we've had Tony having two "massive" heart attacks, and just days later up and about like nothing happened. If we had been told that Tony had a minor heart attack, the whole thing could have played out in a far more realistic and believable manner, but no, someone decided that two "massive" heart attacks would sound more dramatic.

And on Monday night, Roy was standing in the pouring rain looking up at Tony and Maria's bedroom window. Since the lights were out, the chances of Tony getting up and looking out the window were close to nil, and do you seriously think Hayley would let Roy go out when it was raining like that? The whole thing made no sense, but of course made a dramatic ending to the episode. The trouble is if it makes no sense, then the drama is ruined.

The Street has always made use of dramatic license, but these days any semblance of realism is too often missing.

Nurse Florence Ganderpoke said...

Should have had Tyrone decorate Fiz's place, if his efforts at the Duckworth's place are anything to go by - you wouldn't have noticed any difference then.

And I agree, Tina's tan has become OTT.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Roy-outside-in-the-rain was so cringe-worthy!!!

Drama, drama, drama!!!

Ena's Hairnet said...

I thought the prosthetic leg business was stupid and not funny. I dont like Freda, she is so mean and a bit mad. I find her creepy actually.

Anonymous said...

Don'y like the redecoration of Fiz's place...its awful!


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