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Monday 30 November 2009

No Bullying By Parents: Fri Nov 27, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Daran Little (7:30), and Peter Whalley (8:30), directed by Ian Bevitt

My sincere apologies for the tardiness of this review, but it was due to technical difficulties. I realise this is my usual excuse, but I am trying my best! Since TVOR did a great summary of this episode (thanks) I'll keep it short 'n' sweet!

Carla's back in shape in the office, but get's a little bent out of shape after attending Tony's hearing. Ryan accompanies Michelle to Tony's hearing and Michelle ends up having a breakdown thinking that Tony was smiling at her son, and spits at him through the glass. She later then accuses Carla of knowing that Tony murdered Liam, to which Carla wasn't having any of.

Pam watches Tyrone eat his fry-up in his vest in utter repulsion and is beginning to see why Molly has gone out of her relationship. She tries suggesting to Tyrone that he should take Molly out, but it's useless. Molly and Kevin have another romp in Kevin and Sally's bed, and they're almost caught out by Sophie who comes home unexpectedly. Another close call for these two. Molly admits to Kevin she wished they were caught, so they could be free. Later, Kevin asks Molly if she'll leave Tyrone for him, and together they can build a new life together. Wow. Can you believe he's going to do this? Or is this more greasy sweet talk?

Lloyd's had it with the animosity between Liz and Teresa, and asks Teresa if she can be nice to Liz for him. Teresa tells him she'll try. Well, in the Rovers, Teresa tries her best phony-nice on Liz and Liz isn't having any of it. Liz tells her to stay on her miserable self, so Teresa tells her she looks like a mutton dressed as lamb, only the lamb would have more dressings. Oh, and that her goods are past their sell-by date. Liz promptly kicks them both out and bars them. It's clear that Liz is hurt by this abuse. What did she ever do to deserve this? I love my Liz!

Audrey tries to have a word with Gail over Joe. Gail puts her foot down and tells her mother that Joe loves her and that he's not perfect, but Audrey will just have to support her. Gail reminds her that when Audrey married Alf, she said she did so for the security and to have someone worship her, reminding Audrey that there are many reasons one chooses to marry someone. Audrey agrees to support Gail, but doesn't promise she'll buy a new outfit. Later, Audrey tells Joe that if he steps one foot out of line, that she'll come on him like a ton of bricks. Oh, and she will.

Claire is having some issues with making friends and decides to join a theatre group in hopes of making more. She tells Ashley that she's not in with the "mum's club" at Bessie Street Primary. It would appear that neither is Becky. So, THIS is what these two will have in common. Later, Claire tries her best to befriend Becky in the Rovers, by suggesting that they're alike, and choking down a pint of cider. I liked Claire a lot in this episode! Me thinks she may have traded her cuppa for a glassa wine instead these days. Will Becky bite, and be friends with Claire?

Rosie Webster can't stay out of trouble for long enough. She goes into the cafe all angelic-like under the pretense that she's begun looking at further education upon John's insistence. What is she up to now?

Finally, the Windasses have kicked off the Christmas spirit by setting up their abundant Christmas decorations. It was cute to see Eddie and Anna embarrassing Gary by singing carols to him and and dancing with him in the streets. I hated it when my parents did that. Ugh.

- Janice thinking the builder was whistling at her, when he was really whistling at a pretty girl walking by.
- Tyrone looking quite the scruff in his vest while chowing down on his fry-up. How attractive!
- Teresa moving up in the world, getting her hair done by Audrey in the salon.
- The scene with Audrey, Teresa and Betty in the salon where Audrey defends Gail and Joe, but doesn't do a very good job at it.
- Gail and Audrey's conversation regarding Audrey marrying Alf, Gail marrying Joe, and being alone and in love.
- Claire and Graeme's Charlston routine in the butchers!
- Claire defending Becky against the "mum's club" at Bessie Street Primary, by telling them they should put up another sign, "no bullying by parents."
- Claire's efforts trying to befriend Becky. I really enjoyed her this episode. They could be the next Lucy and Ethel!

- Michelle and all the black she wears. Is she in constant mourning of her youth?
- How resilient Michelle is. One minute, she's having a breakdown in court spitting at glass, next she's cajoling and in the Christmas mood telling her son not to let what happened today bother him. What?
- Molly and Kev planning to come out with their relationship. Seriously?!
- Teresa stuffing Lloyd full of desserts stating she's only taking care of him. Watchout Lloyd, last man she was taking care of with food, she was poisoning.
- Theresa being an awful b*tch to Liz!

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.

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