Monday, 23 November 2009

ITV wins the battle for Newton & Ridley

News in today is that ITV has successfully prevented the registration of the Coronation Street fictional brewers, Newton & Ridley, as a trademark by another company.

In April 2007, Newton & Ridley Beer Company Ltd of Sunderland applied for registration of Newton & Ridley as their trademark but ITV opposed this, saying that consumers would assume the beer producer has been licensed by Coronation Street. In May the Newton & Ridley Beer Company Ltd was ordered to change its name following a successful application under the Companies Act 2006 by ITV Productions Ltd. So now you know.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, really interesting. One day someone may try to license Frescoes!

Annie said...

Sounds like a very stupid and cynical attempt to cash in on Corrie. Rather pathetic.

Good for ITV!

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