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Tuesday 24 November 2009

Sundry Expenses: Mon Nov 23, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Jayne Hollinson (7:30) and Jonathan Harvey (8:30), directed by Ian Bevitt

Sally is distracted from her hated towards Stape momentarily and has focused her attentions on Tony being a murderer and the books at the garage. Kevin has figured out a way to hide his and Molly's motel expenses as "sundry expenses." Kevin wants to sort the books before Sally gets her hands on them, but he's too late. Sally's seen the mess of the books and calls Kevin when he and Molly are at the motel and tells him to get home because he's got some explaining to do. Kevin figures he knows about Molly and decides to go home and face the music. Only, Kevin is slightly (only slightly) relieved that it's regarding the books and not his affair that Sally is upset over. Sally demands to know what "sundry" expenses are. Oh, Sally, you really don't want to know. Does Sally smell a rat?

Maria still refuses to be a mother to Liam, saying that she's unfit after letting a murderer into her home. The Connors think she needs support and offers to have her move in with them at their home in Ireland. Maria needs to think about it. After a heart to heart with Audrey, Maria realises she's been punishing herself for everything that's happened and is doing so by leaving the one thing she loves most in the world - baby Liam. Maria decides to take the Connors up on their offer to which they are delighted.

Just as things start to look up, Maria gets an unexpected visit from Carla. Carla doesn't know what's happened with Tony (besides what we know she knows), and is shocked when Maria fills her in and tells her that Tony's confessed to Liam's murder and is currently in jail. Carla herself has been summoned to the police station for question in regards, and seems nervous, but answers all the questions, sticking to her story. The detective seems slightly suspicious of Carla, but lets her go. Carla leaves the police station in tears.

Roy has become a complete shut-in after his traumatic brush with death. He says he'll get out and go back to life, but on his own time. Just let the man be, it's only been a couple days. Next call he gets from the Bat Conservation Society, he'll be back up on his feet. Becky is over at the Croppers again for support, but she also looks quite thoughtful or worried about something. Could there really be trouble in paradise?

Audrey finds out about Gail's engagement and her putting her house up for sale. Needless to say, Audrey's not happy about it one bit and boils it all down to Joe being a leech. Well, that really is the case, but Gail is a grown woman and can make her own decisions.

Audrey has more important things to worry about than Gail, since she's received a courtesy invite to the Weatherfield Council Christmas Party. It's only the event of the season. She's also asked Norris to accompany her, to which I find rather confusing. Since when are she and he friends?

Dev has started golf lessons and it would appear that his golf instructor is a woman, not an old chap as I'm sure he'd imagined. In typical Dev fashion, he hits on her by asking her for drinks. Bernie, her name is, says she prefers a pint so Dev of course knows the perfect place. When at the Rovers, it's obvious Steve recognizes Bernie, whom Dev claims is his solicitor. When Dev is in the loo, Steve sidles over to Bernie and asks how long Dev's been taking lessons. Bernie tells him it's been not as long as he has. Haha.

- Helen's acid tongue in action towards Carla. Normally I can't stand her acidity, but tonight I enjoyed it for some reason!
- Audrey's heart-to-heart talk with Maria. Audrey's so well versed on life and love. Too bad Gail can't take advantage.
- Maria moving to Ireland! She really should, it'd be nice since her parents haven't offered to help at all. Too concerned with the donkeys I guess. Maria needs a fresh start away from the street. It occurred to me that a lot of characters do. (Ahem, Gail)
- Becky trying to cheer Roy up with her "Darling Buds of May" anecdote about how they'd always say "perfick" instead of "perfect." Kind of cute, although Becky did seem off in thoughts.
- Gail accusing Audrey of being "pursed lips and grimace" as she assumed she'd be when hearing of Gail's news. Haha.
- Gail and her immaturity. Normally, I'd frown upon this, but it was so ridiculous I had to laugh.
- Dev, once again, making a fool of himself to a woman. Bernie, the golf pro.

- Rosie thinking that the worst part about the Tony-Murder-Scandal is how close she came to death in that hotel room with him. Well, that's always a risk you take when you try to seduce strange old men in hotel rooms, after all. Rosie then wondering if her showing Tony the videotape of Liam and Carla is what drove Tony to kill Liam. Actually, it's EXACTLY what caused it. Rosie is such a problem!
- Kev's close-call with Sally!!! I love how he just decided he'll "have to face the music", almost like he wanted to.
- Poor Sally trying to fix the books and do right with Kevin playing around on her!
- Carla's dramatic return. I don't care about her involvement in the Tony-Murder-Scandal at this point. I only like her as the iron butterfly factory boss!
- Carla's face when she saw baby Liam. Like her heart was broken. Oh, drama queen!
- Carla and Maria embracing in the most insincere forced looking hug EVER.
- Ben making a comment about Michelle to Ryan on how "strong and noble" she is, whilst looking at her backside. Only to foreshadow nasty things to come. Barf.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review scene-by-scene here.


Walzing Matilda said...

Why on earth would Carla knock on Maria's door to ask what was going on with Townah, why didnt she just go straight to the police and how like Darth Vader did she look with the expressionless face dressed all in black! Gail was slappable for her total blinkered stupidity and the long suffering Audreh was great (as ever) firstly with Maria and the having seen it all before with Gail!

Llifon said...

I presume she asked Norris because he was the only one who believed her in the Hillman saga. And, there's no available 60+ plus around now, well apart from Bill, and I don't think he'd suit a Christmas party.

Clare said...

I don't think she was being a drama queen at all when she met the baby. It must have been heart-breaking for her seeing the love of her life's baby for the first time. They keep going on how much he 'looks like his Daddy' therefore it's going to shock her. I enjoyed Carla's return, long may she be on the cobbles :)

Anonymous said...

I did think it was a bit strange that Carla went to Maria first instead of the police, as they would surely know more than Maria. I can't decide whether their hug was genuine or not, although I think it would be interesting if they developed a friendship sometime in the future.

The scenes with Maria and Audrey were so sweet. It's ironic that Audrey seems to get along better with Maria than Gail, and vice versa, Maria is closer to Audrey than her own parents.

Unknown said...

Hrmm, I was thinking that about Norris as well. Simply, because he's a put-together older gent. I imagine she doesn't know too many older single men otherwise.

Ena's Hair net said...

Why on earth would you want to be seen with Norris? He would show you up with his moaning and nit picking but I think this is the lead up to Nigel Havers to come into it as ladies escort. Cant wait!

Anonymous said...

Everything's about Rosie when it comes to Rosie-- Sally and Rosie, what a perfectly matched duo, they should be twins, not mother-daughter!

Ben and Michelle? More Molvin-like hook-ups??? This is getting kinda sick...

And Audrey asking the little cockroach of a man Norris to be her date at a black tie affair? She's better of asking Dev!

Clare said...

I can't for the life of me find a reason for Audrey asking Norris. Why didn't she ask Ted? He'd be perfect to accompany her.


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