Sunday, 29 November 2009

Line of the night goes to Sean Tully

I've been in That London all weekend so I SkyPlussed Thursday and Friday's episodes of Corrie, and so far I've only watched Thursday's. That's because I was also trying to catch up with I'm A Celebrity... See, I told you I was addicted. Anyway, with that and the rearranged scheduling this week, god knows when I'll be fully caught up. I apologise now if I'm writing things way past their broadcast. You can blame my London friends who made me watch Strictly Come Dancing and Love Actually.

Anyway anyway, line of the night on Thursday HAS to go to Sean, who, of Carla, said:
"She might be a bitch - but she's our bitch!"
Oooh, isn't that so much the truth? And isn't it lovely to see her back where she belongs, stalking through the factory as if she owned the place. Which, of course, she does.

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Clare said...

Agree! Loved Sean's line and loved having Carla back where she belongs. It's like she's never been away :)

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