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Saturday 14 November 2009

Paint Job: Thu Nov 12, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Mark Burt, and directed by Mark Anderson.

NOTE: Sorry for the tardiness of this review. I had no idea that there was an episode for Wed the 11th. Are they often going to just give random Wednesday episodes? I wish they'd make up their mind in regards to the scheduling of my favourite programme! Again, my apologies. Moving on, I've decided that recapping Wednesday's missed episode would be redundant at this point, but since I have watched it, comments can be made here regarding that episode as well. I liked the fact that they brought up the subject of Remembrance Day, and my missing that episode was a mistake and was in no way meant to be disrespectful to our veterans - unlike Gary Windass.

John's comfortable at home with Fiz, and the two have clearly had a robust wedding night! All is in good until Fiz draws the curtains back to see the windows blacked out, thanks to our Sal. John decides to take the high road, and goes to the DIY shop. He comes back with supplies to remove the paint, and does so. Sally's not happy to see her paint job removed, and lets them know it. After a few snarky comments, Kev pulls her away and warns her that if she pulls anymore stunts like that he'll call the police himself. For the first time, I think I saw Sally look older than her years.

Tony has become a shut in, but Maria puts a quick stop to that. Tony gets his act together and tells her that he's taking her out to dinner, after he takes care of some business. The business being that of Roy Cropper. Tony goes to Roy and give him one last option to "forget" this ugly murder business, but Roy is relentless. Tony warns Roy that there could be another "tragic accident." Roy and Hayley tremble in fear at the thought of Tony's wrath. Oh, I fear for the Croppers!

Gary Windass apologises to Ted over his insensitive comments regarding Ted's veteranship. Ted tells Gary about his time in the service, but admits to there not being very much action. Gary asks why he did it, if there was no action. Ted tells him that he went into the service for some discipline and guidance. As a result, he came out a man and left some demons in those far off lands. Gary looks thoughtful. Oh, please let us see Gary Windass in uniform!

Trouble for General Custard. At one of their shows, Jesse spots Simon Barlow in the audience. Later, he tries to convince Simon to lie to people about Julie being there. Simon is wise to this, and tells him that he'll look the other way, if he gets more presents. He's clearly been spending far too much time with our Blanche. Julie later finds out that Jesse rigged the games to bribe Simon, and tells him he's going to burn in hell. Jesse says he'd prefer that over Eileen roasting his whatsits. Simon didn't keep up his end of the bargain and told Peter. Peter is curious, but tells Jesse that he'll keep their secret. Oh, secrets never stay hidden for long though, do they?

- John telling Fiz that the best part about their wedding night was knowing that he'd wake up beside her. I don't know if he's genuine or not, but if he is, that comment made me sigh for the sake of romance.
- Chesney standing by his sister in the face of adversity. He's a real stand-up guy. I'm glad he's back on the straight-and-narrow and not a tearaway teen anymore. Hopefully.
- John's anecdote to Tony about how much better he feels after serving the time for his wrong-doings, and how he can finally live the way he should be. Will this change Tony's mind about confession?
- Simon blackmailing Jesse for more prizes!
- Jesse would rather burn in hell than have Eileen find out about he and Julie!

- The Webster girls being in shock after realising her mother was the one who painted Fiz's windows. They were in shock, really?
- Sally figuring that her paint job was "eye for an eye." Yeah, Sal, too bad this is Weatherfield and not ancient Babylon. And I'm no expert, but I'm certain that the Code of Hammurabi doesn't have footing in the Weatherfield court system.
- Maria telling Tony she's had enough of his reclusiveness, and he's not thinking of HER heart. Honestly? The guy had a life-threatening heart attack. Let him hide out for a bit. Maria's slightly self-centered.
- How Roy walks away from the terrace houses, then turns to look up at Tony's window, as though Tony would be looking down at him. Roy looks creeped out at the thought. Imagine that!

For those who prefer the scenic route, here's the full review scene-by-scene.


Scott Willison said...

The random scheduling is really starting to do my head in. Thankfully, I have Corrie on series link on Sky+, otherwise I would have missed it too. ITV really need to sort the scheduling out properly.

Ena's Hairnet said...

Methinks Sally still has a thing for John, she doth protest far too much! Should have gone straight to the soap police, criminal damage carries a custodial sentence and would have been great to see Mrs high and mighty Webster taken off to the police station in cuffs!

Glenda Young said...

The extra episode took me by surprise too, I hate it when they do that. Great episode review though!

Anonymous said...

The scheduling annoys me too, it's like they have no respect for Corrie.

Anonymous said...

Whatsa matta with everyone??? If they put in an extra episode of Corrie I'm not complaining!! I'll take my Corrie, thank you anytime, any which way I can get it!!!


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