Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Alright, chuck?

Another new blogger joins our gang of Coronation Street blog writers!

Hello there, my name is Rebecca and I live in Yorkshire with my partner and insane cat. I work in finance, for the moment, and I'm also studying Creative Writing with the Open University. I'm really into music, mostly indie, punk and acoustic stuff, and I spend far too much money seeing far too many gigs. Consequently I'm not really much of one for TV, and Corrie is the only thing that I absolutely *have* to watch. If I forget about it, I'm always grateful for ITV2's repeat and for Sky Plus, which does an excellent job of recording.

Other than Corrie I love Shameless and Skins, and I adored Queer As Folk which is why I loved having Craig Kelly in the Street. I watched Collision last week with the lovely Craig and his brother, Dean Lennox-Kelly from Shameless. Anyone else catch it? Wonderful ITV stuff. I like to watch Come Dine With Me, How Clean Is Your House and house shows like Location Location Location, although I'm not fanatical about them.

I seem to have got suckered into this year's 'I'm A Celebrity' already, but I wish they'd sometimes have ex-Corrie stars as well as ex-Eastenders ones! I'm very excited to be blogging here and will kick off soon with a few thoughts on the new Nick Tilsley.

Meanwhile, here's a few reflections from Monday's double bill:
- Wasn't it nice to hear Roy laugh? He doesn't seem to have done that in MONTHS.
- It was also nice to hear him so concerned about what Tony had done to Hayley - they never show any more how in love the Croppers are.
- M'reea had plenty of chance to go around screaming about 'Tow-neh' and 'Lee-um' - I had missed her doing that.
- David's new girlfriend. She's no Tina, obviously, but she does seem to have her head screwed on right, and she's funny. She'll see sense eventually of course, but I'm hoping she can stick around too.
- The advert I got right before the 7.30 episode (on ITV Yorkshire) was the Safestyle UK one with Ken Morley in it (he played Reg Holdsworth). This reminded me that I'd LOVE to see Reg back on the street!

That's it for now, but hello, I am excited to be writing about my favourite soap :)


Flaming Nora said...

Welcome aboard, Rebecca, and I'm looking forward to your post about the new Nicky Tilsley!

Yoork said...


Welcome Rebecca! I actually thought Roy's laugh was rather comical. I don't think I've ever heard it. It was kind of like having a dog that never barks, then when he does, you're shocked at the sound!

Anonymous said...

Old lubey lips Reg Holdsworth back in the street - you must be joking!

It's meant to be a drama serial, not a carry on film and an UNFUNNY one at that!

Times have moved on and there is no place for the former Bettabuys Manager in today's Weatherfield.

Deborah said...

Welcome Rebecca, I look forward to reading your blogs on this great site.

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