Saturday, 21 November 2009

Maggie Jones is on the mend

One of the questions I was hoping to ask Kim Crowther at the online live chat on Thursday night on the official Corrie site was how Maggie Jones, who plays Blanche, is doing. Unfortunately, once I logged onto the live chat, their software crashed my PC.

Anyway, someone else asked the question, obviously fans are keen to know how Maggie Jones is doing. The Corrie producer said that Maggie is making a "slow and steady recovery" following her recent health scare, and that she looked forward to Maggie's return to Corrie as battleaxe Blanche. I think she speaks for us all.

For more from Kim Crowther's webchat, have a look at the highlights on Digital Spy.


Llifon said...

And Rita's back in the New Year. I did think she'd be back for Christmas, as they did say she'd be filming in the autumn.

Yoork said...

Yay! I'm glad she's doing alright.

I've been on one of those chats before, (not Corrie), and it crashed my computer as well!

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