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Wednesday 18 November 2009

A Good Man: Mon Nov 16, 2009 Corrie Episode Review

Written by Simon Crowther (7:30) and Joe Turner (8:30), directed by David Kester.

Gary Windass has been looking through army periodicals doing his research. Oh, Gary Windass in fatigues. Christmas is coming early this year for this fan. He wants to know why everyone's so down on the army. Anna points out that it just doesn't make any sense and that he should work in a call centre, or be a plumber instead. Such high aspirations.

Julie is upset with Eileen after making Jesse sack her from her Hiyalowa position. They start fighting like little girls and Julie ends up walking out in a huff. Julie tries to talk to Jesse, but he runs away at the thought of Eileen seeing them together. Literally, he runs away down the street. Eileen finds out that it's Jesse's 40th birthday on Friday and he hasn't mentioned anything, not even when she quizzes him about the date's importance. She can't figure out why he lied, so she decides to throw him a birthday celebration that he can't refuse. Why is he lying about his birthday?

Gail asks Ted to walk her down the aisle at her wedding, and he accepts with delight. They then toast to the future. Ah, that. David and Zoe chatter on about whose grandfather is the "hottest." I haven't seen Zoe's, but my money's on Ted all the way.

Tony gets released by the police on lack of evidence. Tony is not a happy man and is already exacting his revenge on the Croppers. Especially since Maria has now found out about everything and Tony had to tell her his version of the truth. Maria is in shock and is slightly repulsed by him. She needs answers so she goes to find Roy and Hayley. Roy has left to go to the canal to respond to a bat sighting late in the season. No guesses as to who called in with that tip. Tony lets himself into the cafe with the stolen keys and is about go after Hayley with a knife when Maria knocks on the door, and Hayley lets her in. Tony leaves to seek out Roy instead. He meets Roy at the cafe and blames him for trying to ruin the atonement that Tony's been working on. Roy and Tony get into a struggle with Tony pushing Roy into the canal after Roy tells him he can't swim. We're left watching Roy flounder about and Tony looking over him from above with his signature sinister stare. Will Roy be saved?

- Maria running out of her house the second Tony tells her "his version" of the truth. She knows in her gut that he's guilty.
- Tony's sinister stare. Gotta love the drama!
- Julie and Eileen fighting like little girls and grabbing each other's ears. Then, Jesse running away like a little boy. Haha.
- Me agreeing with Sean that I thought Jesse was WELL past 40. Haha.
- Steve suggesting that Jesse lied about his age because he has a secret identity. And Eileen commenting that he's already General Custard how many other identities could he have? Haha! Eileen kills me!
- David Platt. Is he suddenly a different person? Gene therapy? lol.

- Erm, Tony trying to kill the Croppers!? I can't believe that if Maria hadn't shown up, he'd have knifed Hayley to death in front of her tele!
- Tony grabbing the knife as his fingers bleed with tears running down his face in hiding. Feeling remorse now? He's a very conflicted man.
- The Croppers thinking that John is a person to rely on and hiring him full-time. Oh yes, ex-cons are some of the most reliable folk, I find. It's funny that they have such trouble finding gainful employment.
- Maria denying that Tony's a "good man" when she knows full well, that he's guilty and her original suspicions were correct. Gotta feel bad for her though.

For those who enjoy the scenic route, check out the full review here scene-by-scene.


John said...

I am surprised the writer didn't have Tony telling Roy that he killed Hayley (even though he hadn't). It would have been totally in character for him to do so, would have provided a perfect reason for the pacifist Roy to launch himself at Tony, and would have upped the suspense still further for the viewer.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant episode and very good acting from all involved in the Tony storyline. I felt so sorry for Maria being in denial as the realisation sunk in, yet she was still clinging on to hope...and the canal scenes were gripping!

On another note, I really didn't like the filler stuff with Eileen. It just seems pointless and trivial, and Eileen deserves better than this. Corrie don't seem to know how to develop her character anymore, which is disappointing since she is one of my favourite.

Unknown said...

@ John - I was thinking the same thing. I suppose Tony let Roy assume he'd done something to Hayley by not answering his questions.

@ Anonymous - I agree. I think she deserves a better man that that folly Jesse. Now she's forcing him to have a birthday party? Why bother!


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