Saturday, 7 November 2009

Norris and Horace - a Corrie comedy gem

I know that our blogger Yoork will be doing the full double episode review but I had to blog just how much I enjoyed Horace and Norris last night. They're a double-act made in heaven. "You can call me Horace," said Horace, extending his hand for Norris to shake. "You can call me Mr. Cole," replied Norris. And the look on little Simon's face was priceless when he saw the new Kabin assistant: "There's two of them!"

Have a look at this great blogger called Pause Live Action who also likes Norris and Horace.

The second highlight for me from last night was Blanche after meeting Simon's other grandad, George. First off George assumed Blanche was Ken's wife - this had me almost in tears of laughter - and then when George left, Blanche professed she was in love with the fella. Wonderful stuff.

Oh, did you know that the actor who plays Horace has been on Corrie before? Have a look here.


Coronation Street Corner said...

Couldn't agree more! These scenes were gold, as well as Jack's scene in bed! An excellent example of comedy mixing with drama (the Tony/Roy saga). And of course, it's the oldies again! They're gold!

Ena's Hairnet said...

I hope that Horace is going to be an ongoing character and that his stint in the Kabin hasnt already ended, great potential missed writers if that is the case. Laughed out loud at George thinking Blanche was Ken's wife, Blance was on top form again - EXCELLENT!

Anonymous said...

Laughed out loud at the scenes involving Horace, Norris and little Simon in the Kabin.

An excellent double bill of episodes from the writers last night!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't particularly like the idea of two Norrises...I find Norris is best with a 'Rita' who annoys him and gets the better of him and chides him for his foolishness. Now that he's alone and in charge, I find him CREEPY.

Norris's character to me is a bit gross... an old man who should be way more mature, but acts like a little Simon --- I know it's supposed to be funny, but there's a creepy side to old people who never grew up!

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