Thursday, 15 August 2019

Spoiler! Sophie and Kate's leaving storyline revealed

There's a taboid spoiler which reveals the exit storylines for two Coronation Street characters - and they'll be leaving together.

Brooke Vincent, who plays Sophie Webster, is pregnant with her first child. She's leaving the show while she takes her maternity leave. And Faye Brookes, who plays Kate Connor, is also leaving Coronation Street later this year.

Now, The Sun reveals that the two Corrie lesbians will be leaving together. And not only that, but Sophie comes into some money and her exit will be tied in with her aunt Debbie's return to the show. Debbie Webster is Kev's sister and she's returning to the show after 33 years away. You can read more on that here.

Mr Curry Sauce told The Sun Online: “Debbie’s return is tinged with sadness as she returns to tell her brother Kevin about a death in the family.“But it’s not all bad news as with the death Debbie has come into a huge sum of money and she wants to share the wealth. She hands over a cheque for £200k for Kevin and the kids. After weeks of hearing Kate bang on about her travelling plans, Sophie realises she has the perfect opportunity for her. She’s not fulfilled by her job and she’s growing tired of life on the street living with her dad and Jack. Sophie decides to ask girlfriend Paula to take a career break and go with her to see the world and she’s stunned when she agrees.”

However, The Sun Online reveals that Paula will change her mind at the last minute and not go, leaving Sophie and Kate to travel the world together.

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433stanley said...

Hopefully neither will return

Anonymous said...

433Stanley I agree completely! I wish both actresses well, especially Brooke and her baby. Personally I found Kate completely insufferable, a spoilt brat, completely self-absorbed and Sophie extremely boring with no ambition.

Sophie Bird said...

Sophie's memorably hideous denim jacket is in that photo.

Scott Willison said...

My fear is that now Kate has broken up with her real-life famous boyfriend she might come back with Sophie when Brooke's maternity leave is up.

Anonymous said...

After a recent scene between these two,I had a feeling that Sophie and Kate would leave together in a contrived and generic exit.

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