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Tuesday 20 August 2019

Inside Soap Awards: Mikey North, "I've a man crush on Adam Barlow!"

Photo credit: Inside Soap/Dan Goldsmith
In this week's Inside Soap magazine there's a fantastic insert with pictures and interviews of some of the Corrie cast who are nominated in this year's awards.

Mikey North looks absolutely gorgeous in the photos. He's up for four awards in this year's Inside Soap awards: Best Actor, Best Bad Boy, Best Shock Twist and Best Show-Stopper (for the Underworld factory collapse).

Mikey says he's got a man crush on Sam Robertson, who plays Adam Barlow and says his highlight of the last year has been working with Tina O'Brien (Sarah Platt).  

He says: "There was a scene I did with Tina in the Platt house, where Gary pins Sarah up against a wall - that sent me to places which physically help you as an actor. You don't really awnt to be there for too long as it was quite upsetting to do. It was definitely a highlight but I've not actually watched the scene back yet..."

Vote here for Mikey in the Inside Soap Awards.

If you'd like to read Mikey North's interview in full, it's all in this week's Inside Soap magazine out in the shops now.


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Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Gary doesn't make a convincing and strong villain for me. He's an accidental villain and those villains are always the weakest ones. Gary is too hot-headed and not bright enough to be the super villain Coronation Street wants him to be. The Mike Baldwin compassion is ridiculous and stupid. Gary is nothing like Mike Baldwin and he shouldn't be forced into being like him. In fact, he's more similar to Pat Phelan than he is to Mike Baldwin, which is a shame because Gary being the new super villain doesn't feel fresh at all.

How Iain Macleod described the new super villain before we found out it was going to be Gary, I thought it was going to be Nick Tilsley, and now I wished Nick was the new super villain after all. Nick is definitely more similar to Mike Baldwin compared to Gary or anyone on the street- apart from Mike's son, Adam. It would have made more sense to make Nick the super villain and I think he had the potential to be a very interesting and unique villain, which is what Coronation Street needed after Pat Phelan. Also, I was very impressed with Ben Price's acting when he was playing evil Nick. Before I thought Nick was a boring character, but after seeing Ben Price's performance of Nick as a villain, I was hoping Nick was going to be the new super villain, not Gary. So I voted for Ben Price for the villain award over Mikey North.

Anonymous said...

How about Best Mummbler?

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Well said anon 13:30! I agree Nick would have made a much more interesting and nuanced villain--and more in the Mike Baldwin mode. Someone who is supercilious, arrogant, smart, unscrupulous, but also with his soft spots (Leanne, Oliver, Simon). Gary is just too weak and impulsive, not to mention lacking intelligence LOL. The new Gary super villain--coolly competent, ambitious, calculating, full of complicated schemes...--is a total redo of the character!

maggie muggins said...

I'm sorry, and this is not a personal critique since Mikey looks fine and in good shape, but what on earth is that on his legs!!?? Just weird, and why?

Diane said...

Gary is an absolute muppet and about as scary as runny eggs

Diane said...

Thats the style in 2019... guys wearing skintight pants. Gross

Anonymous said...

He is about as villainous as John Stape, another accidental villain.


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