Friday, 23 August 2019

Here's why punk anthem 'Alternative Ulster' was played on Corrie

A few weeks ago, cult punk anthem Alternative Ulster, by Stiff Little Fingers, was played on Coronation Street. It was used in a scene between Vicky Jeffries and the terminally dull Robert Preston. What that woman sees in him, I'll never know.   

You can read all about Alternative Ulster played on Coronation Street here.

And now it's been revealed in an interview with Stiff Little Fingers' frontman Jake Burns just how it came about that the song was played on Corrie. And it makes a very interesting read.

In an interview with The Thin Air, Jake Burns says this about having the song played on Corrie:

"The funny thing about that, and I’m not making this up, a couple of months before that we played the Bearded Theory Festival out in Derbyshire. We finished the show and were getting changed and one of the security guys said ‘someone wants to say hello to you’. We said ‘yeah give us ten minutes’ and he said ‘Yeah, but I think he’s an actor from Coronation Street’ and he was! It was the guy who plays Peter Barlow, turns out he’s a big Stiff Little Fingers fan, who knew?

The interviewer says: I thought you were going to say Jim McDonald for a second.

Jake replies: "Big Jim wouldn’t have been a surprise but Peter Barlow came completely out of left-field. Really nice fella as well."

Want to hear the full track? It's here.

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