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Wednesday 21 August 2019

Who are your Top 5 favourite current Corrie men?

Who are your top five current Coronation Street male characters? 

Remember, it's the characters we're asking about, not the men who play them.  

Mine would be the following at the moment, but as always, it's subject to change from week to week, and sometimes even episode to episode!

Steve McDonald

Tim Metcalfe

Roy Cropper

Peter Barlow

Paul Foreman

Who are yours?


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Louby said...

Mine would be subject to change too, but Roy will always be number one! At the moment my other five would be Peter, Daniel, Steve and Tim, or maybe Dev.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Peter is amazing when he's with Ken, rubbish when he's with Carla. On balance, he's still on my list along with Tim, Paul, Steve and Johnny (when he's with Jenny). I'd like Roy to be on the list but the character doesn't blossom on his own. He needs someone to spar with and it could be Evelyn.

christine peters said...

TIM! Peter! Steve, Tyrone (without Fiz), Daniel

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Interesting how many female characters spring to mind but it's hard to find many male characters that have the same appeal. But maybe Adam, nasty Nick, Dr. Ali, Roy (of course), Tim. And while I abominate Geoff, I think the character is very well-played--so subtly skin-crawling in so many ways.

Annie said...

My favourites are David, Steve, Tim, Peter and anyone who can bury Gary the wimp under 10 tons of cement in “his factory!”.

abbyk said...

Johnny, Roy, David and Tim are easy. #5, hmmm. Daniel fell off the list following Monday’s unsolicited chivalry. Craig, Imran, Billy and Ken, really like them but don’t see enough of them. Edison, maybe in a few months, he’s too new to tell.

Newfy Pearl said...

Steve McDonald, David Platt, Johnny Connor, Dev Alahan, and Peter Barlow

Newfy Pearl said...

abbyk… Doesn't it help to know that Daniel did not stand by and do nothing. Evil occurs when good people do nothing. Because of Daniel, the guy has confessed to his bad deeds and his wife and daughter are free of him.

coconno196 said...

Roy, Kirk, Tim, Steve, Dr Ali.

abbyk said...

Yeah, but I care more about Bethany than two unnamed extras. He totally disrespected her, at her workplace, sent her back to the land of mistrust, and got the lovely Craig injured in the process. It wasn’t his battle to fight, it was hers and he ignored her.

Newfy Pearl said...

Abbyk...I see what you are ssying. The writers should have let her do it instead of Daniel. It could have had same outcome but noone would have taken her power. Fair point. :-)

Chelsea said...

Daniel, Adam, Peter (when he's not with Carla), Nick and David.

dhvinyl said...

I immediately thought of all the male characters who should be written out completely- and there are plenty of those.
But my five favourites are
Brian, with Craig as a close 6!

Elsie Tanner said...

David and Adam. That's all I've got. Cannot stand the others, I wish they would bring back Jim MacDonald though.

Elsie Tanner said...

PS Tim's OK in small doses.

christine in canada said...

@ Elsie Tanner - Bring back Jim??? after what he did last time?? Making Liz think that her dead daughter was alive so he could scam money from her?? Why in the world would you want him back?
As a mother who has lost babies, this was one of the most cruel things a person could possibly do.
IMO there is nothing redeeming left to his character.

Newfy Pearl said...

I agree. I used to hope for a Liz and Jim reunion. But after that....yuck....writers did the same with Martin Platt. Loved him until he slept with the 16 year old. Ewww. Sometimes there is no going back....Frankie Barlow is another...sleeping with a child she raised since a bairn...ick and double ick

Louby said...

Maybe they want him to return so he can get his comeuppance, which I would like to see. It does feel rather left open.


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