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Thursday 29 August 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 28 Aug 7.30pm

For weeks now, Robert has been running rings (get it?) around Vicky and Michelle, whilst being embroiled in his double life. Trips to Stoke, Macclesfield, and fictitious bail hostels, to cover up his  juggling of two brunette stunners. He's a chef who loves spinning plates, it's hardly surprising. Following Jed's car crime, Craig's CCTV / PC skills have suddenly sprung into action. Robert struggles to name the road the crime happened on though and tries to sweep it under the carpet but as usual, Weatherfield constabulary (do they cover Macclesfield?) have no luck in tracking any footage down. Craig should look a little closer to home though, as culprit Jed is soon outside the Viaduct Bistro, with Robert in his sights.

Talking of which, Tyrone has suddenly realised that Fiz is due to return to the street with Hope after months away (it's been a long maternity leave) and Evelyn is on hand to wind him up / give caustic 'advice'. Personally, I've enjoyed Tyrone on his lonesome and his relationship with Evelyn. I'll even admit to being nonplussed about Fiz's return.

Forgetting all about the last dodgy builder she got involved with, Eileen is now in cahoots with Jan, and hides the latest development from Seb. Luckily Gary saw Jan out on the street so her secret isn't safe for too long. Meanwhile, Seb has a haircut booked before his planned date with Alina. Finally!. Now he might look a less like that fella from 'One Direction'. I'm only jealous though, my hair used to be that long.Ah the follies of youth.

Meanwhile, Tyrone has also nipped into the Barbers, looking to chat with Maria. It's revealed that he's forgotten to enrol Hope in Bessie Street for the new term.

At Roy's Rolls, Gary smooths Sarah with his plans for the factory, but Adam still has his suspicions about Gaz and dodgy Derek's involvement in the redevelopment deal. This Gary V Adam story is something I'd like to see develop further. I get the feeling that Gary isn't over Sarah, just yet?

Gary could learn a bit from Geoff', who's faux 'heart palpitations' are reeling Yasmeen back into his coercion plan. When it comes to dodgy fella's, she's as clueless as Eileen! Alya tells her Gran to ignore her concerns, but I'm sure Geoff will know what's Yasmeen is up to anyway, the weirdo is watching via her CCTV on his laptop (don't bother asking Craig for CCTV advice Geoff!) After his 'polite' chat with Alya, I really do feel that there's a sinister undercurrent to Geoff . I wonder if she will become Geoff's next victim. He's never been a fan of hers, has he?

At the Bistro, Jed gets a free lunch out of Robert and introduces himself to Michelle. Playing a little game of blackmail, Jed tells Robert he wants some money to keep the truth from Michelle.

Missing a ring? I think Robert is going to missing more than that if Jed gets his way!

Will Robert cough up the cash to keep his double life secret?

Be back here later for my 8.30 episode review, to find out.

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