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Saturday 17 August 2019

Corrie weekly update – who's the daddy?

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Please note this week’s update only covers Monday and Wednesday episodes so far. 

Emma’s dad dies in hospital and on his deathbed he tells her: “I’ve always loved you as if you were my own.”  What does he mean? Too late, he’s dead. Emma rings her mum in Australia and Audrey’s astounded to discover that Emma’s mum is ex-Corrie hairdresser Fiona Middleton. Audrey does the sums, puts two adults, nine months and one baby together and realises that Fiona’s real dad is only Steve flaming McDonald. Audrey tells Liz and swears her to secrecy, which Liz ignores and tells Steve who ends up in a right state.

Gary Windass, what a man. Ex-soldier, father, furniture emporium manager and now, saviour of the knicker factory on Coronation Street. He draws up plans to rebuild the place and brings in Edison Bailey to do the work. Seb even gets a job from Edison and a handshake from Gary. What a guy. If only he hadn’t inadvertently murdered Rana, he’d be great.

Dev returns from India this week with problems on his mind. First off is his daughter Asha who’s behaving strangely towards everyone, secretive too. Then Dev finds out that Evelyn’s been running a betting scam in his shop while he’s been away. He’s not best pleased. He sacks Evelyn but then has to ask her to return when he discovers that his profits have shot up with Evelyn in charge of the shop.

Robert buys an engagement ring for Michelle but ends up with it on Vicky’s finger. He also gets punched from Jed, which is just as well as I’ve been itching to punch him myself. He’s the dullest man in soap. In all the years Robert’s been on Coronation Street the most interesting thing he’s even done was change the colour of his hair.

Yasmeen tells Cathy she feels Geoff is suffocating her a little. So Cathy suggests that Yasmeen have a night off from Geoff and partner Brian in a game of bridge that Ken’s organised in the Rovers. However, as soon as Geoff finds out that Yasmeen’s doing this, he insists on partnering Yasmeen himself.

And that’s just about that for (most of) this week.

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This week’s writers were Susan Oudot and Chris Fewtrell (Monday); Ellen Taylor and David Isaac (Wednesday). Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at Coronation Street Blog: Exclusive: All Current Corrie writers online at


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Bobby Dazzler said...

Painful to watch the Geoff and Yasmeen scenes....I can't imagine letting the little pipsqueak get away with his behaviour, and I can't imagine Yasmeen would tolerate it either.
He wasn't my favourite character to begin with and now I like to forward through his scenes.
Goodbye Michelle,Vicky,and Robert...don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
Gary draws up plans.. How? How does he do that? When did he find the time to figure out how to? He was a loser,became a soldier, came back and was a he can draw up plans to build a factory? I wouldn't let the guy build a park bench, AS IF

coconno196 said...

I agree. Geoff's ranting was so ridiculous and his accusations completely untrue. Yazmeen would have stood up to him.
As for Gary, the scriptwriters give characters skills when the story requires it. When did Seb train as a builder? Carla can't cook but was running the café. And wouldn't she need qualifications in food hygiene?

Anonymous said...

I'm still appalled that not only the writers have Gary get away with Rana's death but he profits from it by getting his way by having the roof job!
There is no sense of morality or right and wrong on the show anymore.
Characters lie cheat steal and get away without any consquences for their actions.

Anonymous said...

Yes Robert is dull beyond belief. It was like watching the same scenes over and over again. Robert is on phone, he lies to Michelle, Robert is with Vicky, he lies to Vicky. Just make it stop!

Anonymous said...

As much as I think Alexandra Mardell is doing a brilliant job acting wise I can’t help but be distracted by how awful her hair looks.

Louby said...

Vicky didn't notice that her husband to be was nowhere near delighted at the prospect of marrying her. Then they dragged it out yet again with the old formula of one person, in this case Robert, has an enormous secret that they have decided to unload. However, just as they are about to do this, person 2, Michelle, gets some different bad news which means that Robert backs out of confessing, making up some ridiculous nonsense about why he wanted to talk to her in the first place. I agree, please make it stop!


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