Thursday, 22 August 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 21 Aug 8.30pm

Emma is understandably shocked and whacks Steve with a wreath before storming away from the church.

Out of hospital, Craig heads over to see Bethany and tells her that Mr Lambardi has been arrested for his involvement in Nathan's underage parties. Feeling the guilt, Daniel has published a positive front-page spread about Craig, for the Weatherfield Gazette.

Nick finds Max in Victoria gardens and the youngster smashes a plant pot in front of him, blaming his 'Uncle' for David's imprisonment. Shona shuts Roy's Rolls and heads out to find her surrogate son.

Back from the funeral, Emma opens her laptop and confronts her Mum with some home truths.  Emma's grief is palpable and she's reeling from the shock of  her identity being torn apart. In retaliation, Emma tells her Mum that she's doing fine; working in the salon and living above it in Audrey's flat. Only then does Fiona realise that she needs to visit Emma and quick!

Is Fiona seeing Emma make the same mistakes she once did?

Meanwhile, Geoff visits Dr Gaddas to discuss some mysterious ailments. Explaining his 'palpitations' to Yasmeen, she asks him to move back in with him.

At the builder's yard, Ed admits to Michael that his money troubles stem from online gambling, and he breaks down in guilt and remorse. At home, Ed admits to Aggie that his gambling bug is back, and in fact, it wasn't Michael who lost them their previous home - it was him!. Admitting remorse and shame, Ed confronts his family and Aggie is quick to dash out of the door- upset and reeling in anguish.

Arriving back on the street, Steve admits to Liz that he knows the test results, and he's told Emma. Liz tells him he best relay this news to Tracy before someone else does!

Telling Tracy that Emma's Mum is Fiona Middleton, Tracy is quick is realise just what he's been struggling to say. Attacked again with flowers, Steve shifts swiftly out of the florists, only to be met with Amy and Liz, and Amy soon finds out she has a half-sister!

Heading to the salon flat to visit Emma, Audrey reluctantly admits that she knew all about Fiona and Steve. Emma can't believe the deceit and asks her to leave.

When Steve struggles to reconcile with Emma, Tracy adds salt to his wounds and throws him out of their flat.

At least he's avoided another beating by flowers!

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David Hughes said...

Sadly, once again, apart from the flowers reference, this is a synopsis, not a review. We all saw these episodes...we want to know what you thought!

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