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Making sense of new layout at the Baileys house on Corrie

Guest blog post from Coronation Street fan Rob Coates
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The new layout of number 3

Since the Baileys moved into Emily’s old house, they’ve undertaken some drastic refurbishments.  

On screen, it has been quite confusing to figure out the new layout, but here it is:

The orange line (in the picture above) which appears mid-way up the new staircase is a small window. Perhaps an odd place to put a window as it looks directly into the new hallway. But I’m sure it lets lots of natural light onto the stairs from the front door.

With the dividing wall between the front and back parlour gone, we finally get to see more of Emily’s bay window.

The back door has moved from the side of the kitchen to the back wall, to which we saw Ed get his hand stuck on Monday!

So, as a new era begins at number 3, let’s hope the new decor doesn’t last as long as the layout will. Because the Bailey’s have the most hideous taste in wallpaper and tiles. 

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Louby said...

I went on the tour a few weeks ago and the door and windows of number 3 had been replaced with dark frames upvc ones, making it look very strange next to the other houses.

Newfy Pearl said...

I would love to see this for all of the units. :-)

christine said...

yes..would love to see the same for all the houses..but would also like the addition of the upstairs!

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