Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Inside Soap Awards: Maureen Lipman, "If I win, I'd make a bloody funny speech!"

Photo credit: Inside Soap/Dan Goldsmith

In this week's Inside Soap magazine there's a fantastic insert with pictures and interviews of some of the Corrie cast who are nominated in this year's awards.

First off is a terrific interview with Maureen Lipman, who at 73 years old age is up for a Best Newcomer award. Inside Soap ask her how she feels about that (I've been wondering myself!).

Maureen says: "I think it's highly amusing. After 51 years in acting, I'm still a newcomer! But then, every job that you do, you're a newcomer in a sense. I'm very flattered - although as I'm not on social media I don't expect to win. Though if I did win, I'd make a bloody funny speech!"

We've got to hear that speech!

Vote here for Maureen in the Best Newcomer category of the Inside Soap Awards.

If you'd like to read Maureen's interview in full, it's all in this week's Inside Soap magazine out in the shops now.


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C in Canada said...

Evelyn is tops! I thought Sylvia (Roy's mom) had it down pat for the battleaxe, but Maureen Lipman is fabulous!
She's got the best put downs since Blanche.

Bobby Dazzler said...

The woman can deliver a line like no other. I am absolutely loving Evelyn!!! I can't wait for her to verbally spar with FizBomb. She is pure comedy gold..Love, love, love, Evelyn.

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