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Saturday 24 August 2019

Corrie Comicals week ending 23 August 2019

On Monday with a Jonathan Harvey episode I was expecting something significant for this post.  But I feel for the writer as he had to deal with both the Geoff and Yasmeen nonsense and the re-appearance of the Nathan abuse story with the Lombardis dining in the Bistro.  So we are left with Edison super-gluing himself to the back door.  If he is an even part competent builder this simply would not happen.  It makes his wife and son laugh if no-one else!

Carmel Morgan took over for the second part of Monday and had to deal with the same stories added to which Craig was in a car accident.  So the best I can offer is Bernie (above) coming up with random reasons why Michael Bailey (borrowing a bottle opener) and Evelyn Plummer (borrowing sugar) are in Chutney's front room should Gemma (or Chutney presumably) return home unexpectedly.  Of course it ends up with both getting money out of the pregnancy test kit scam.  At this rate Bernie will make no money out of it.

We now know that Mary packs a Shewee when driving as she once had to improvise with a coke bottle in a three-miles tailback outside Keswick.  Having got stuck on the M1 trying to get into a service station for urgently needed relief in the middle of some poorly managed roadworks I can feel her pain!

And for a little fun on the left above is Fiona Middleton with Morgan and on the right is Morgan, now all grown up as he appeared on Wednesday evening!

Amy has just asked Liz if Steve and Tracy are due to have a row - when for the second time in this episode Steve is getting beaten around the head by some flowers.  This time it is just flowers in Tracy's hands - Emma used the "Dad" wreath to smash Steve around the head.  Steve had taken the precaution of removing the scissors from Tracy's hands prior to telling her of his "new" daughter!

Easily missed was the appearance of Tiny the unicorn catching hoops on his horn, except Tiny was appearing in the form of Adam.  Good game, good game.  Otherwise the party was ruined by the new devil child on the block - Max - and not even the spawn of David!

Emma is catching a train for Liverpool when Amy and Tracy turn up with Maria, Gemma and Chutney to stop her going.  Tracy puts her foot in it but as we were expecting Amy turns it around.  Emma protests she is not ready for a new dad and Amy makes it clear that after 15 years she is not ready for Steve either (above).

And Mrs Bailey has been taken on at Roy's Rolls where she burns some eggs.  When she gets home she serves up sausage and mash with the sausages so overdone they are black.  Does anyone really cook that badly when they have grown up children?

Extra at Work

He looks like Minty from Enders but as Cathy was proclaiming about the dirty table his eyes were flicking around all over the place in the background.  An acting masterclass!

Writers: Jonathan Harvey & Carmel Morgan (Monday); Debbie Oates (Wednesday); Julie Jones & Steven Fay (Friday)
Directors: Duncan Foster (Monday); Durno Johnston (Wednesday & Friday)


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coconno196 said...

"Humorous" scenes involving bad cooks never ring true, likewise the fantasy that in the 21st century it is still the woman of the house who does all the cooking and cleaning.


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