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Thursday 29 August 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 28 Aug 8.30pm

Jed wants blackmail money and about five grand (to be precise). Robert now needs Michelle out of the way, and as it's her last day at the bistro before her new job, the ever self-absorbed Michelle is easy to distract. With Michelle off site, Robert gets the stolen ring back, but only after paying off Jed with two grand from the Bistro safe. It's not enough though. Jed wants Robert to persuade Tyler to return with him to Ireland, or he will tell Michelle all about his double life.

Seb, spruced up in a jazzy Hawaiian tee shirt, (who needs a haircut eh?) meets Alina at the house for their date. Admitting she's heading back to Romania, he struggles to hide his heartache at Alina's sudden decision. Professing her hatred of Jan, our Corrie Cassanova gets wound-up and tries to defend his fellow man (those long-haired guys stick together) but with little result. Admitting he knows the truth about Jan and Eileen to Alina, it does little to change her mind and still leaves for Romania anyway. Is this the end of the human trafficking crime story?

Still suspicious of Gary's latest venture, Adam sniffs around the lock-up looking for evidence. Struggling to find anything suspect amongst the tatty furniture,  Adam decides to begin his own investigation into Gary and Derek's dealings and hires a private detective.

Meanwhile, Tyrone is stressed about Hope's schooling and Evelyn suggests he should speak to Brian or at least try to sort his mess out. Dropping by at The Kabin ( I forget he owned that), Brian suggests they apply for a place at Bessie Street and lodge an appeal in the meantime.
Failing at the first hurdle, Brian has no luck, but Evelyn tells Tyrone that she has a plan!

Now he's down by two grand, Robert tells Craig that he's found the ring, and his Macclesfield cop shop pals can cancel the crime (I'm not sure that's how it works).

Returning from her day off, Michelle immediately notices that the safe is empty.. of just over two grand (to be precise).  Questioning Robert, Michelle thinks he's gambling again (close, but no cigar), yet Robert manages to worm his way out of it, by giving her the original ring he managed to get back from Jed. Confused? I know I am!. That's cost him 4 grand in one day and I'm unsure as to how that backstreet bistro is still open. Unfortunately, Robert's day is about to get worse, as Craig tells Michelle all about this stolen/misplaced ring saga, and drops him right in it!

This ring plot is running rings around my corrie centric mind! More Vicky, and less ring drama, please!

Ignoring Alya's advice, Yasmeen talks to Geoff about his 'illness' and she asks him to move back to her house. Later, she checks her bank balance and looks slightly puzzled. Has Geoff installed spyware on her laptop and pilfered her bank account? (sorry its all this crime business, even I'm getting suspicious now). I wouldn't be asking PC Tinker to investigate though, he says he always 'forgets stuff' at work. On that basis, he should be head of Weatherfield police by the end of the year!

Out on the street, Eileen and Seb discuss their flirtations in European romance, and the end of this dramatic human trafficking saga. But hold on, who's that sat outside their house in a car? it's only nail bar owner/human trafficker, Rachel.

Best give Sergeant Tinker a call!

What did you think of tonight's Corrie?. Let us know in the comments section.

I shall be back same time next week.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

One of the worst episodes I have ever seen. After being a huge fan since I was 10 I'm thinking of stopping watching it. So many stupid and pointless characters and story lines. Where is the real Corrie with the funny and cute relationships between established characters? Some we haven't seen for weeks. It's painful to watch atm with so many new and flash-in-the-pan characters. Wonder if you agree?


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