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Friday 23 August 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 23 August

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly back for your Friday night review.

Steve, Weatherfield’s answer to Genghis Khan has bedded down on Sally and Tim’s couch having been rejected by his wife, mother and both his daughters. Meanwhile daughter number 2 (or number 1 if you’re going chronologically) has quit her job at the salon and is planning to leave the Street for good. Audrey and Maria try to talk her out of it but she's adamant that there's nothing for her in Weatherfield and she is heading for Liverpool. A desperate and rather guilty Audrey pays a visit to Steve and tells him that it’s now or never if he ever wants a relationship with Emma. Suddenly deciding that she wants a sister, Amy tells her dad that he needs to stop Emma leaving. In fact, the exact phrase she used was ‘grow up and grow a pair!’ Weird choice of words, with that super-powered sperm I think it’s quite clear that another pair is the last thing Steve and any woman within five miles of him needs.

Over at No. 8 it’s Lilly’s birthday, but Max (who has drawn the troubled adolescent of the Street card this week) is playing up and seems determined to ruin it for everyone. Clearly asking for trouble Leanne and Nick have bought Lilly a cricket bat which is bigger than she is (just what every 6-year-old wants!). She’s barely unwrapped it before Max has grabbed it from her and started swinging it at Nick causing him to fall backwards, breaking the telly. Shona quickly ends the party and tells everyone to leave.  With just Sarah and Leanne left Shona breaks down and tells them that Max’s bad behaviour has been going on for weeks and she’s struggling to cope. Checking his ADHD tablets, she finds the medicine box empty but when she confronts him, he claims that he is taking them before unsubtly dumping the tablets in the kitchen bin. 

Meanwhile Aggy is still furious with Ed for their financial woes. Determined to do something about it she bullies Roy into giving her a trial at the caf√©. Err isn’t she a chemist? That kinda sounds like it’s a full-time job to me? She looks like she’ll fail her probation period almost immediately when she serves up crunchy eggs to Cathy. But when she cries to Roy about her money worries he agrees to give her another chance, although wisely suggesting she stick to beverages. He also puts in a good word for Ed and back at No. 3 the Bailey family all kiss and make up.

In other news Seb asks Tim to have a word with Eileen who won’t leave the house. Tim tells her the cab office isn’t the same without her and persuades her to come back. Back on the switch she announces she has given up men, which is unfortunate as it means she rejects a George Clooney lookalike with a Barnsley accent convinced it’s a wind-up by Tim. Oh Eileen!

Back with the ever-growing McDonald family, having given up on Steve, Amy tells Tracy she has to do something about Emma leaving. The pair of them find out from Gemma, Ches and Maria that Emma is at the station and the five of them all rush down there to try to persuade her to stay. Finding an upset Emma on the platform Amy tells her she wants to get to know her and that she’s part of the family now. Admitting that she has always wanted a sister too Emma agrees to return to the Street. But she tells Steve that she came back for Amy and still doesn’t want anything to do with him. Don't worry Steve, we're all mentally scrolling through your ex-girlfriends for you, there's probably another family of triplets out there somewhere...

I've been Kelly, see you back here in two weeks or catch me on twitter @mskelstar

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