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Saturday 31 August 2019

Corrie weekly update, Gangsters, guns and Geoff

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All soaps hit a summer slump and sadly, Corrie is no exception. I’ve taken to fast-forwarding through a couple of the storylines as I can’t bear to watch them. And there are other stories unfolding on screen where I find I’m glancing around the living room instead. However, it’s not all doom and gloom so let’s take a look at some of the exciting stuff going on in Weatherfield right now.

Fiz returns this week to find Evelyn sniffy about losing Tyrone’s full attention. But when Evelyn finds out that Tyrone hasn’t secured a school place for Hope at Bessie Street school, she goes out all to help Fiz get her daughter into the school. Evelyn tries to pull strings with Brian but he tells her he’s not a Square Dealer and can’t help. Then Evelyn marches to the school and stages a protest, which is quite funny and for me, saved Corrie in such a dire sludge of a summer slump week. But with Fiz and Hope back on the Street, Hope’s already caught up overhearing Fiz and Tyrone arguing over her future. The child sits on the stairs with an evil glint in her eye.

Aggie Bailey is now working at Roy’s Rolls after getting herself a job there, much to Roy’s surprise.  The Bailey family secret is out and Aggie keeps a watchful eye on her gambling husband Edison. Turns out his online gambling addiction was the real reason the family had to up and leave their house to move to Weatherfield. 

As for Robert and Michelle? Who knows? Who cares? I whizz through all the scenes with these two in them. There are engagement rings involved and lots of scenes of Robert hugging Michelle and then Vicky and giving wistful over-the-shoulder looks to the middle distance. It’s a real shame this is dragging on and on and on and on and on and on and on because I really like the character of Vicky, but as she’s caught up with Robert I don’t hear anything she sees any more as she whizzes around her living room at sixteen times the speed she should.

Meanwhile, Eileen finds out from Paula that Jan’s a police informer. He’s a good ‘un, not a bad ‘un after all. Hooray!  Seb meets with Alina who tells him she’s heading back to Romania so Seb’s all upset. But for Eileen, there’s the whisper of a relationship with Jan now she knows he wasn’t one of the human trafficking gang. It’s always a plus when you’re looking for a new fella, Eileen. Anyway, just as things look as if they are smoothing themselves out, evil Rachel from the nail bar stalks the street looking for Jan and she finds him at a truck stop where he’s trying to convince Eileen to leave Weatherfield with him. Rachel raises a gun and shoots Jan and he’s whisked off to hospital where Eileen sits by his bedside and tells him she loves him. But does she love him enough to move to Birmingham with him? That’s a big ask in anyone’s book.

Max starts to play up this week when Shona forgets his mum Kylie’s birthday. David’s in prison and so isn’t much help to Shona when she has to deal with Max’s tantrums in the Platt household. 

Some lovely scenes this week between Emma and Amy when they find out they share the same dad. Amy takes Emma shopping and gets to know her half-sister. Steve wants to get to know his daughter, but Emma can only take so much at the moment and tells Steve she doesn’t want anything to do with him, yet.  She’s still in mourning the death of the man she knew as her real dad. 

Elsewhere, Geoff continues his nasty, evil lies and control over Yasmeen. He even installs CCTV in her house and watches her on her laptop from Sally and Tim’s place next door. He tells Yasmeen he’s ill, too. What a weirdo.

At Dev's house, Mary gets bad news when Dev asks her to leave. Well, the twins are 27 now and they each need their own room.

And finally this week, Gary’s new mate is dopey Derek, the fake businessman Gary brings in to pretend he’s investing in Underworld (when it’s really Gary, to atone for Rana’s death). Adam smells something dodgy and puts a private investigator on the case to dig dirt of Derek and Gary. 

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

It was a bit odd that 13 year old brother and sister were still sharing a bedroom.
As for Mary wondering who was going to move out, that was ridiculous.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Yes, Anonymous, I thought exactly the same about the 13 year old brother and sister. How do they get dressed in the morning? They must have a huge bathroom. Silly scene in the school. Was there no caretaker around to unlock the door? Well, I was wrong about Jan getting snuffed out on the Street. Still, there's that old chestnut of his hospital room being unattended while the police go off for a break or there's a staged disturbance. He snuffs it in hospital. I really don't care about Eileen and her woes and, while modern slavery needs to be highlighted, a shame the writers couldn't make a decent drama out of it. Emma and Amy are saving the day at the moment. Low-key, believable dialogue and great rapport between the characters. Lovely stuff.

Sharon boothroyd said...

Yes, the fact the Dev's twins still share a room astounded me, when it's actually against the law for children aged 10 and over (of the opposite sex) to share a bedroom.
I think the actress who plays Amy Barlow is maturing, and I'm warming to her character more now. but I'm afraid I don't think much of the lady who plays Aggie Bailey. My hubby commented that she plays the character as if she's in panto - and he's right!

Sara said...

The other lorry drivers (or whoever they were) were useless when Jan got shot. They must have seen Rachel with the gun and non of them went to help when Jan was lying on the floor.

Anonymous said...

Gary has not atoned from Rana's death,he's profiting from it by getting the job to fix the factory roof which is what he wanted when he sabotaged it!
If Gary felt any guilt for causing Rana's death,then he should have turned himself in to the police instead of framing a dead man for the crime and acting like he's the 'victim'and not Rana.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Agree with all these points! Some of the worst Corrie I've seen. The scene with Rachel striding along in her stiletto heeled boots while mournfully dramatic music plays and all the lorry drivers watch in frozen horror as she walks right up to Jan and shoots him almost point blank before scurrying back to her car! What on earth was that all about?! It was like a set piece or video shot, not a realistic drama. But never fear, Jan after surgery, pops up, none the worse for wear!

And the scenes with Evelyn, whom I usually like, were just painfully silly, while Brian, another character whom I really like, was reduced to a buffoonish caricature.

And even Mary wouldn't be so clueless as to think Asha would have to move out! Such a disjointed scene lurching moments like that which are supposed to be "comic" to the genuine pathos of Mary on the street realizing she's being cast aside after all she has done for Dev and the twins.

Particularly bad was the dialogue between Alina and Seb--it was so stilted and artificial, it was like they were reading their lines off a sheet, and they were awkward, forced lines too.

One of the few things I found interesting is just how much better Vicky is with Robert than Michelle! Their relationship, along with Tyler, is actually an interesting one that I find myself rooting for, while Michelle and Robert are just so tedious and lifeless as a couple. But Robert and Vicky are great--and the scenes between Robert and Tyler were actually quite moving.Clearly, that should be Robert's family, not Michelle (ugh).I find myself perplexed as to why Robert is any conflict at all...dump Michelle, marry Vicky for real and be a father to Tyler and the newborn.

Anonymous said...

I was sharing a room with my sister until I was 16; we would just ask each other to leave while we got changed or go to the bathroom!

MartesBC said...

Oh, I misread the title of the post as "Corrie Gangsters Gun Geoff". we just saw the post bridge scenes here in Canada and my daughter and I both started yelling at him everytime he came on TV. Never hated a character more, this one is too close to real life. Awful, so well done I am not entertained. Thank goodness for the Emma storyline.


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