Thursday, 15 August 2019

EastEnders actor joins Corrie to play Gemma & Paul's evil step-dad

Coronation Street is going to start airing an historic abuse storyline that centres around Gemma's brother Paul and their dad, Kel.  You can read all about that here. have revealed that Kel will be played by former EastEnders actor Joseph Alessi.

Joseph has a vast and extensive acting career.

His stage, film and TV work can all be viewed here.


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Anonymous said...

Really don't think we needed another addition to this family, or another story-line for this family. Far more deserving characters on the show who get little air time as it is. Plus another "harrowing" abuse story-line.

Roald said...

This topic of child sexual abuse is a very sensitive subject. Bravo Corrie for tackling it. This family and the stories they portray us sadly very real.

Bobby Dazzler said...

Step father......not father

and yeah....really, are the quads and Gemmas mother not punishment enough..Terrible over acting...AS IF

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