Monday, 26 August 2019

Preview of tonight's hour-long Coronation Street - Mon 26 Aug


EILEEN CAN’T ESCAPE HER DEMONS An excited Seb tells Eileen that Alina is coming round to see him, when Eileen asks if she has heard anything about Jan, Moira and Liz realise that she is still missing him and take him to the pub. Paul warns Eileen that trafficking gangs are dangerous and she should watch her back. Back at home she hears an intruder letting themselves in. Eileen’s terrified and grabbing some tins of peas, hurls them at the person’s head.
JED RUNS RINGS AROUND ROBERT Michelle sees a text on Robert’s phone saying the ring is ready for collection, believing it to be hers she asks him to make sure he picks it up. Robert who already has her ring hides it in his car and collects the replica for Vicky. As he places the cheap ring on Vicky’s finger Jed arrives and is furious. Finding his van window smashed Robert is stunned to see Jed holding Michelle’s ring and wondering why Robert needs two!
RYAN PLAYS GARY FOR A FOOL Ryan gets paid and offers to take Alya out lying to Gary that he can’t give him a payment as there is a computer glitch at the Bistro and he hasn’t been paid. Gary is furious when he finds out he is lying - is Ryan playing with fire messing Gary around?
ELSEWHERE Shona takes Lily to visit David in prison. When Shona describes Max’s recent behaviour, David points out that he’s probably upset as it was Kylie’s birthday last week. Shona feels terrible as she had no idea.
EILEEN GETS A DIFFERENT STORY Jan tells Eileen that he loves her and wants her to move away with him to Amsterdam. Paula confirms Jan’s story that he was a police informant and he must love her very much to risk coming back to Weatherfield to see her. Eileen is given food for thought.
ROBERT HOPES HIS LIES RING TRUE Robert is forced to tell Michelle the van was broken into and the ring stolen. When Craig comes to take the details Michelle is bemused to discover he was in Macclesfield at the time
GARY LOOKS LIKE HE’S GOING SOFT Ryan continues to string Gary along. Meanwhile Derek is bigging up his part and starts chatting up Sarah. When a drunk Derek threatens Gary that he will pocket the cash from the factory Gary sees red and makes it clear it would be the last stunt he ever pulled.
ELSEWHERE Shona apologises to Max for failing to realise it was Kylie’s birthday. Giving him a hug, Shona hopes they can get back on track, unaware he’s not taking his medication. Billy tells Emma to follow her heart if she wants to get to know Steve.

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Catsmom said...

Funny; ITV lists tonight's schedule as the usual two 1/2 hour episodes at 7:30 & 8:30.

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