Friday, 30 August 2019

Callum Logan storyline returns to Coronation Street

Remember Callum Logan? He's Max's real dad, the fella that Sarah and Kylie Platt killed, the one that's buried under the extension at the Platt household. At least, I think he's still there, isn't he?

Anyway, he's coming back to Corrie. Well, sort of. His mum is. And she's on the warpath, wanting custody of her grandson Max. 

You can read all about it in The Sun.

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Anonymous said...

Oh great more new and pointless characters

Humpty Dumpty said...

I suppose Max will punish Shona and Uncle Nick by leaving with new Granny and Granny Gail is still absent.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Marion will want custody of Harry too since he's also Callum's son or will Sarah betray her brother to keep Harry?

Anonymous said...

Callum's body was found on Nick & Carla's wedding day, after Kevin Webster's recovery truck crashed into the Platt's house. David, Sarah, & Jason Grimshaw were all interviewed as possible suspects, but (IIRC) the story was left unresolved.

Anonymous said...

Jason's father Tony was ultimately blamed for Callum's murder, after his own death.

Anonymous said...

I bet Nick tells Marion the truth about her son's death which leads her wanting custody of Max and maybe even Harry as Sarah would be an accessory after the fact.
Why else would Marion come out of the woodwork after all this time?

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