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Monday 26 August 2019

Coronation Street Review Bank Holiday Monday Review

Apologies there was no review last Monday, although if there had been one, it would have been one big aaaaargh at the horror that is Geoff.

Anyway, it's hot hot hot although Seb is wearing a jumper! He's hoping for some fun in the sun as Alina has agreed to come 'round to see him. Eileen is pleased for him, but still grumpy about being fooled by Jan. Liz, the only one dressed for a heatwave - in not so much a micro-mini as a molecule mini skirt - takes Eileen shopping to cheer her up. Although Ei leaves her in the Trafford Centre with "a zoological quandary" (zebra stripes or leopard skin?) and returns to the pub where she meets Posh Paula, who tells her to mind her back as trafficking gangs are not terribly forgiving. So when she goes back to the house and finds an intruder, she uses her three-for-two tins of peas to attack him. It turns out to be Jan, of course, who informs her that he was an informer and not human garbage. Eileen doesn't believe him, and kicks him out, but later PP lets spill that Jan was telling the truth. They reconcile and Jan wants Eileen to come with her to his new home of Aberdeen. Better get ready for a munchie box, Eileen!

Talking of affairs, Robert goes to pick up "Michelle's" ring from the jeweller and then travels over to "Macclesfield" to see his other fiancee and gives her the second ring, leaving Michelle's actual ring in the van. Vicky wants to set a date and Robert is wary until Jed turns up, then his hackles rise and his macho man (don't laugh) kicks in as he warns Jed off Vicky and Tyler. All very well until his van is broken into and Jed asks him why he's a man with two rings. Jed threatens to tell all, Robert hits him, but comes off worse as Jed walks off with ring number one (keep up). Robert for once tells the truth to Michelle about the break in and tells her he'll get (yet) another engagement ring. "Cos we're made of money," spits Michelle. Well, she could always rob the business for the insurance again. Craig turns up to take down the particulars of the break-in, and Michelle finds out that Robert was in Macclesfield (I'm presuming this information will come in useful, probably on the morning of the wedding).

As a special birthday treat, Shona takes Lily to prison to see daddy David, leaving misery Max in the salon with Granny Aud, which sounds like a fun bank holiday for the fragrant Mrs Roberts. Shona tells David everything's OK,  but soon 'fesses up about the cricket bat incident (which I fully believe is Nick's fault for inappropriate present buying). David tells Shona it was Kylie's birthday so he was probably upset about that. Shona, not unreasonably, asks David why he didn't call that day to speak to Max. He apologises to her for everything she's dealing with and she apologises to Max, hoping that's the end of it, unaware that he's off his meds. Like step-father, like step-son, I suppose.

Shifty Ryan tells Gary he hasn't been paid so he can't make his first re-payment for the desk cash robbery. Unforch, Alya let's spill that this is untrue. But Ryan's the least of Gary's problems as Sarah wants to get to know Derek (Gary's factory patsy) better and Derek enjoys the booze and attention a little bit too much and gets a bit cocky, asking him why he should take Gazza seriously when he let Ryan get away with murder (figuratively speaking). Gary slams him against the pub toilet wall and Degsy backs down.

And finally, Emma (also wearing a fluffy jumper! It's 30°C!) asks for her job back at the salon but doesn't want to work today as she's going into town with Amy, leaving Steve doing a double shift in the cab office (come back Fat Brenda, all is forgiven! Even the custard cream thievery). Amy tries to get her new sis to come back to Casa MacDonald, but Ems isn't ready for that. Sitting on Maxine's bench, Billy tells her that her dead dad wouldn't mind her getting to know her bio-dad. Could be worse, Emma, you could be related to the Platts!

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1 comment:

Newfy Pearl said...

I am not even finished the first part of Corrie from Monday night and I had to comment. I cannot remember the last time I have enjoyed the show this much. I love the Emma/McDonalds a lone fan of Tracy for years I love how the writers are using Kate Ford in this situation.
I loved the Corrie humor of the new character innocently saying to Eileen, "marry a builder and you deserve what you get." LOL Who else could get away with that if not a new person to the street. Good job writers!
I am loving the continued ups and downs of Gary Windass. He is a good person who makes bad decisions. If he were an alcoholic he would be another Peter Barlow. lol I find it interesting seeing how his character will further turn - and it will be understandable - dealing with the likes of slippery Ryan Connor. Ugh. If there is to be another murder victim, which Rana was manslaughter I guess, and the loanshark was self defense....I hope it is Ryan. With this said of Gary...I prefer him to Robert Preston. He is such a selfish liar. He not only is betraying Michelle, but I feel worse for Vicky, she really deserves better. She - unlike Michelle - is very vulnerable and he is really doing a number on her.
Anyway, I am heading back to watch the rest of the show. So nice to have this community to share Corrie with. Have a good day everyone. :-)


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