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Saturday 24 August 2019

Ryan Prescott interview: Ryan vs Gary

Do you think Ryan is naive enough to think he could get away with stealing the money?

As that point in the story, most definitely. I think it was a mixture of naivety and also Ryan being oblivious to anything other than himself. He’s going things going on with his brother Ali and also new romance with Alya and also a constant DJ gig, so in his world things are starting to get better, so I think he was focusing on the positives, without it ever occurring to him that he could be putting himself in hot water with Gary.

It’s pretty hard not to feel something for Ryan at the moment, do you feel sorry for him?

No, he’s got what was coming to him. It’s one of those things, we all make choices that have consequences that you can’t escape. At this point in Ryan’s life, keeping in mind he’s a few years younger than me, that there’s a lot to explore and for me personally, that was a massive coming-of-age period in my life, so I like to draw from these experiences and mirror or at least relate to my own experiences. Coming back into the show, he still has his juvenile charisma, but now it’s become a social barricade because he’s still as insecure as the next person.

He’s made some questionable decisions in his time. If Ryan was your friend, could you stick with him and give support through all of this?

Yes, of course. Friendship, as you grow older, is the thing that you place most value on. You see people come and go, and for Ryan, he doesn’t really have that many friends. He’s formed a bond with Ali, which formed from complete hatred, but in the early stages, we both really found a sibling dynamic of rivalry but ultimately care, although it can sometimes feel a little distorted. As sad as it sounds, other than his Mum, his brother is the only friend he has.

With his brother being a doctor, there must be a lot of pressure to live up to his sibling’s achievement. Do you think this impacts the way Ryan behaves? Is he trying to prove a point?

It was certainly the seed for all the envy which was there at the start of the relationship. Ryan isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and admitting that is hard for anyone, especially for a man like Ryan. He is coming to terms with the two hardest things for a man to admit to himself: that he’s not smart, nor funny. Although I think a lot of this is to do with ego and Ryan’s experiences in the darker side of life, I do think he has a lot to offer to people, and I think he does subconsciously know that he’s seen a lot of bad things, but frequently fails to articulate this. I don’t think he’s dumb, I think he plays down his limited intelligence as a coping mechanism for social situations, something which I have done in the past. He just wants people around him to feel good and comfortable, although his lack of comfort can create social barriers and maybe make him seem like a smaller fish than he really is.

Ryan clearly has financial woes, does he manage to get the cash back to Gary?

He manages to get part of it back, and the reason for this is because Gary and Ryan’s relationship changes and shifts over the coming weeks. There does reach a point where it’s maybe not necessary for Ryan to get the full amount back to Gary, although I’m sure he will. Since being attacked by Gary over the lost funds, he certainly becomes more motivated.Part of this is through fear, but also knowing that these troubles could reach back to his Mum

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