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Tuesday 20 August 2019

Sue Cleaver Interview: Happy ending for Eileen and Jan?

How has Eileen been feeling since discovering that Jan was involved in some way with the human trafficking ring?

She just can’t believe that yet again she has fallen for a wrong ‘un. She has been really down about it and has only just plucked up the courage to go to work, she feels stupid and embarrassed and the worst part about it is he has disappeared so she can’t even give him a piece of her mind.

Does she miss him?

I think she does yes, she had started to care for him, Liz and Moira know how she is feeling and are trying to get her to go out but her heart isn’t really in it.

What happens when she returns home?

Paula has been telling her to take care and to watch her back so when she returns home and hears noises of someone trying to get in the house she is absolutely terrified and grabs a tin from the cupboard to throw it at the intruder.

How does she feel when she realises it is Jan?

She is in shock and angry, when he starts telling her that he was working undercover for the police she is having non of it, it sounds so far fetched. He tells her that he loves her but she has had her fingers burned too many times and she really can’t believe anything he says.

Does she change her mind after speaking to Paula?

Speaking to Paula does change things for her, Paula confirms his story and then she says that Jan must really love her to break his cover to see her.

Is she really considering leaving Weatherfield to be with him?

She just wants to be happy, he has made a huge gesture by putting himself at risk to come and speak to her which is bound to make her think long and hard about being with him. 

What is left for her in Weatherfield? 

She still feels as though some people blame her for what Pat did, both her boys have flown the nest, she has her friends but she wants a partner, someone who will look after her and make her feel special and Jan could be that person.

Is she aware of how much danger she is in?

She knows Jan has got caught up in a dangerous situation but it is so far removed from her every day life that she can’t really appreciate how much of a murky world it is and how high the stakes are.

Does she not think it is quite risky confiding in Seb?

I don’t think for one minute she expects him to speak to Alina which is probably a bit naiive of her as Seb would do anything to stop Alina leaving.

What makes her decide against going with Jan?

Seb tells her that he thinks they are being watched and that there has been a strange car in the street. Eileen knows she can’t put them both at risk and tells Jan that she can’t go with him but she doesn’t know that they have been followed and it might be too late.

What advice would you give Eileen if she was your friend?

I would advise her to stay away from someone so obviously dangerous, I don’t think there is any doubt that Jan cares for her but I think she should focus on the fact that she has great friends and a good job and maybe just go for a quieter life.

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