Monday, 19 August 2019

Paparazzi pics show Corrie filming in Wales

There are paparazzi pics online today which suggest that Gemma Winter's labour scenes are about to be filmed, in Wales.

The Corrie cast and crew have arrived in Llandudno for filming. On Screen, fans will see Gemma and Chesney there for a holiday.

They go up in a cable car on the Great Orme headland where it's rumoured that Gemma will go into labour with her quads.

Digital Spy have got paparazzi pics here.


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Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I love Coronation Street (to my husband's on-going despair) and watch it faithfully. But how can the producer possibly think that such a silly stunt will make a tedious storyline (Gemma, Chesney, quads) exciting? I can't remember a storyline that I found as bad as this one since Molly and Kevin's clandestine gropings. Not only is it viscerally yucky, but it is just so bad in so many different ways. Gemma and Chesney. Unexpected pregnancy of quads treated as a hilarious joke. Totally lacking mother. Horrendous mother of mother. Numerous pee and shagging references to spice things up. All overshadowed by the terrible thought of Gemma and Chesney as a mother of four...

Anonymous said...

I am completely dreading this storyline (I am a Canadian viewer) I dislike, Gemma, her mother and Chesney. Yuk! I can't see those two coping with 4 babies at all. Chesney isn't a bad father to Joseph, but I wouldn't give Gemma a pigeon to look after.

Louby said...

The only plus side of this is that I love Llandudno and it will be great to see it on screen. However, going into labour there, not funny at all, along with the rest of this ridiculous storyline.

Laura said...

How can they possibly afford a holiday!?

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