Saturday, 31 August 2019

Antony Cotton signs up for another year at Corrie

The Daily Star reports that Antony Cotton has signed another contract that will keep him on the show for another year. 

And there's news of a "big story" coming for Sean.

Antony tells The Daily Star: “I had a meeting about my future. I didn’t sign up straight away. You have to negotiate a little bit! It will be my 17th year. I’m so pleased because I love being on the show. It’s a nice set.

“Towards the end of this year, I’ve got a big storyline. I will be working with someone that the audience may have seen before… maybe someone is returning!”

This week I was thinking about Sean's son, Dylan and I wonder if that might be who could be coming back into Sean's life?

If you want to you can read it here.


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Louby said...

I hope that his new storyline is something positive. I'd like to see him looking after his son, and having a bit more to do than serving behind the bar.

Anonymous said...

Not only does he serve behind the bar but he can toss his tea towel over his shoulder, stick his nose in the air and spin round on his heel.

MartesBC said...

Oh good news! The character Sean needs to be part of a family soon. He's getting older and I don't want to see him lonely and sad. He needs someone to temper his sharp edges and accept him lovingly. Not a companion, a real love. would be great if it was someone who was seen at the pub as a NSE for a time that turned out to be his mature love. Sean would be undergoing a personality adjustment where he would be glass half full ALL of the time, but not say a word why. THe NSE would have some connection to the Street of course, and some kind of secret, farcical, touching something or other would play out that would connect Sean to the family and have him spending C and E dinners at this C street family home for years to come and provide young Dylan a C Street nest to land in.
Ahhh END fantasy fan scene build sequence .

MartesBC said...

Anon yes! Love Love Love this signature that Antony Cotton has brought to the character.

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