Sunday, 18 August 2019

Pat Phelan is NOT returning to Coronation Street ... or is he?

Sigh. In these times of clickbait and adverts taking control over stories and content, there's a story online with the headline that Pat Phelan is returning to Coronation Street.

It's a non-story that's been cobbled together from a couple of tweets from fans saying they'd love Conor McIntyre to return to Coronation Street as Pat Phelan. I mean, who wouldn't want him back? And fine, yes, tweet away to your heart's content but it's not a news story. The trouble is that fans see the headline and think it's true, without even clicking through to read the "story".

And so for those who think that Pat Phelan IS returning to Coronation Street, let's put this record straight.

He's not.

He's dead.

Mind you, I wouldn't put it past him.


Glenda Young
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Humpty Dumpty said...

I shan't bother to read the non-story but, given the state of play with the current writing, I have more fun writing my own scripts. In my head, of course. Here's a one-off idea for Christmas. Pat Phelan as Jacob Marley to Gary's Scrooge. Gary's getting more and more unstable in my storyline and Pat Phelan/his conscience stops him from committing the ultimate crime - whatever that might be.

Anonymous said...

Being dead is only a minor inconvenience in Corrie these days. Actually with the state of Corrie's writing team they would probably bring him back anyway and think we wouldn't notice! (or they have completely forgotten that they have killed him off in the first place) - of course it's been done in soaps before (bobby ewing in dallas and harold in neighbours,etc)

C in Canada said...

Love the Jacob Marley idea!
That would push Gary over the edge for sure.

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