Thursday, 22 August 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 21 Aug 7.30pm

A day of mourning looms for Emma, as her father's funeral begins. Paradoxically, Steve realises (today of all days) that the DNA test results are due, meaning Emma could lose and gain a father - all in one day?

Distracted by the arrival Emma's brother, Morgan (who Steve nearly adopted with Fiona, keep up), Liz tells Steve to ignore the test results until tomorrow. Ominous. Meanwhile, Tracy has misplaced the wreath, which is on its way to Northwich!
Mary rescues the wreath and Steve is keen to get it to the service on time, but he gets an email - revealing the test results.

Forgiving Ed for his financial difficulties, Aggie vengefully blames Michael for their previous money woe's, but she's hopeful that things will soon to be back on track. However, finding some positive pregnancy tests in the house, Michael is confronted by his parents who assume the worse, only for him to admits to his pregnancy profiteering plan with Bernie. It's soon clear that Michael is the reason that the Bailey's moved onto Coronation Street in the first place (they've moved from a huge house, keep up).  Aggie decides to kick Michael out as she's had enough of his plotting and money-making schemes.

Over a pint, Ed and Michael discuss the families money worries. Admitting he needs £5K, Ed asks footballer James to lend him it, and Michael tells Bernie that their scheme is over.

At Roy's, Yasmeen has trouble accessing her online bank account, and Geoff promises to help her access it. Meanwhile, Max is playing up, and Bethany struggles to forgive Daniel for Craig's accident.

Outside the Church, Morgan shows Emma a skype message that Fiona has left for her. Begging for her daughter's forgiveness, she promises to ignore the time difference, so that she can speak to her after the funeral. In all the emotion, Morgan admits that he knows Emma's Dad wasn't actually her real father, biologically.

Emma is emotionally shattered following this latest revelation.

Arriving with the wreath, Steve is quick to console Emma who falls into his arms, and the two have a heart-to-heart. Struggling to contain his secret, Steve admits to Emma that HE is actually her father.

How will Emma react to the news?

It looks like she's literally lost a father, and gained one, all in one day.

Be back here later for my 8.30 episode review, to find out.

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