Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Coronation Street spoiler: Bethany and Daniel grow close

The previews are in from ITV for next week’s Coronation Street and Daniel and Bethany grow close.

Daniel reminds Sinead they’re getting married next week. When she admits she hasn’t sorted out the witnesses Daniel worries that her heart isn’t in it. Daniel and Sinead row about their wedding plans and Sinead suggests they call it all off. An upset Daniel slams out and finds solace with Bethany in the Bistro when Sinead walks in.

As Sinead leaves she clocks a look between Daniel and Bethany which throws her. Having quizzed Daniel about Bethany, she then asks Bethany about the look. When both admit feeling awkward having discussed their row Sinead’s satisfied that nothing is going on between them but has she got it wrong?

Glenda Young
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christine said...

DO NOT make Daniel cheat with Bethany!!!
This would be so wrong on so many levels

Anonymous said...

jeanie (anon): Such a tacky storyline! Unless Sinead actually isn't going to die and this is just to set up her exit with Bertie.

Anonymous said...

I also agree that it's in bad taste due to Sinead's cancer and I don't like how Sinead is being portrayed as the 'bad guy' to justify Daniel cheating.
Can there be one person who doesn't cheat?
Sarah better not defend her daughter either by using Bethany's grooming trauma as an excuse.

Sharon boothroyd said...

Yes, a split is probably leading to Sinead's exit storyline.
I'll miss Sinead.

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