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Corrie Comicals week ending Friday 8 February 2019

Emma has been a little of a favourite here and just in case her departure on Monday was final (PS it wasn't) I thought a reminder is in order (and a side helping of Gemma's face pulling as she thinks about Paul's thieving ways).  Emma is unsure if she should order hotpot or salad.  Such a life changing decision - and hotpot wins the day - proving to Gemma that people do not change!  There was a lot more Emma later in the week - love her work!

Ex-jailbirds Sally and Abi have just been thrown out of the Rovers by Jenny having a melt down - which is the background to Sally's comment about a sustainable business model (above) - a nice phrase she has picked up somewhere along the way.  What was even better (given Sal's near melt down when Abi was released) was Sal observing that she does not think that Jenny has the inner steel and resilience as well as being "street" smart that "our" types possess to survive inside; Abi agrees (tongue in cheek I suspect) that they can consider themselves proper hard cases!  And the discussion also touched on Abi's recent sexual conquest!

McDonald breakfasts include three vegetables apparently - beans, tomatoes and tomato sauce.  Sorry Steve but I think that might need a recount.

Moira pops into brighten our lives and she sees a resemblance between Chesney's face reflecting his disappointment at apparently being stood up by Gemma (who is working on Liz's disappearance) and a blobfish.  Then calls herself a free therapist - but in reality she just wants the scandal.

Gemma has the hangover from hell and as Rita points out downing snake pits like they are going out of fashion does not help.  So much of this week was Rita dressing down Liz and Gemma working wonders for her "sister" Jenny that make up Rita's family as well as Rita leaving her job at the Kabin.  Nice to see so much work for and the performance from one of the more senior members of the team.

Old jokes bear repeating and Jenny is massaging Johnny's neck as she says she feels like a pair of wigwams (above) - the problem here is you've become two tents (or perhaps too tense).  She then pulls away when he would like to pull her onto the bed.  Is it over for the Connors?  Johnny has committed adultery after all - but Jenny has already told Liz that there is a crate of wine behind the bar for her return.  And after a while she finally forgives Johnny.  So I think that is closed for now, but I suspect it will be remembered at some time in the future.

Extras not at Work

Leanne and Shona have been told by Bethany about the need for eye candy at "Man Cave" or "Close Shaves" to attract the men and they disrupt the interviews in progress in the Rovers as the four ladies (and one man) assembled wait their turn - and after this comment all five of them depart rapidly!  I do think Nick scoring them out of 10 is unwelcome but having interviewed staff you do end up ranking them on ability as the best person should get the job.  It developed further with Nick and David getting ratings of 3 and 4 out of ten!

That wraps up the fun for this week.  And still no room for Paul's reform, Clayton's unwelcome return, David apparently suddenly being a grown up (unlike Nick) and sadly despite promises that Norris would return to sell the Kabin it has all happened without him (and the toing and froing with Brian has the slight feel of a late re-write).  I really hope Malcolm Hebden will fully recover his health and be able to make fleeting visits, Number three is very empty - perhaps Sean and Audrey would like to take up residence?

Writers: Ella Greenhill & Mark Burt (Monday); Cameron McAllister & Ella Greenhill (Wednesday); Sam Holdsworth (Friday)
Directors: Simon Ferguson (Monday); Tim Royle (Wednesday & Friday)


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