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Monday 25 February 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 25th February

It's the day of Dane's funeral, and after weddings, funerals have the highest chance of going a bit Pete Tong. A casting call must've gone out for rough looking extras to play the Hibbs extended family; some of these pass a flask 'round the church whilst Macca and the rest of them give secret nods and signs. During the eulogy, Shona approaches Clayton and is told in no uncertain terms to get lost, but she sticks around and after some malarkey with the coffin, the signal is given and the dodgy undertakers attack the policemen, snip Clayton's handcuffs, and the young crim makes a run for it. After Billy very manfully rugby tackles Macca, the police turn up and take Macca and the others to the station - and Shona too.

Whilst his girlfriend is being questioned by the police, David's going ahead with his plan to house the stuffed rodent, Vin Weasel, in the barbers and has roped in poor Gail to put up a shelf. They should just capture and mount one of those meerkats. When Shona returns home from the cop shop, he forgets about the barber shop accoutrements, and starts panicking that Clayton will come after Max and Lily. He starts arranging for them to leave and tells Shona that if he catches up with Clayton before the cops do, then he'll be deader than a stuffed stoat (I'm paraphrasing).

Carla didn't start the fire, it was always burning, since the world's been turning, but Roy is adamant that she needs to tell Abi the truth to absolve her. She is about as keen on this idea as Roy is on grief counselling, which Toyah turns up to suggest. I'd've thought Ms Battersby would be busy enough without needing to actively recruit people over a bacon barm. If I saw my GP, Dr Jack, down the local caff telling random people they really should get that mole looked at, I would assume that he had too much time on his hands. Later, Roy tells Carla she has to move out. Harsh burn, Roy, pun intended.

Gary tells Cara the factory roof was a Phelan bodge job and it will cost £50K to fix. On top of this, he will need half of it up front and the factory will have to close down for six weeks, at which point Carla says can only afford to replace the roofing felt. Doesn't anyone on the street have insurance?

Amy is happy to pretend she's still pregnant if she can get another day off school after half term. At some point, even Steve's gonna work it out, surely. At the moment though, he's too busy gazumping the gazumper and announces that he's upped the offer on the house and it's been accepted. Claudia probably needs a place with a much higher ceiling, to be quite honest.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Sinead's having radiotherapy whilst Daniel does his essay and the nurses look after baby Bertie Bassett Barlow Tinker-Osborne. Sinead is worried that he's burning the candle at both ends and in the middle as well.

And finally, Gina's decided she's going to start a new life in Newcastle. I guess that plan will last as long as Kevin is away.

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Anonymous said...

Amy pretending she's pregnant is ridiculous!
Eva had pulled the same stunt with Aidan when she found out about him and and Maria and that ended in tears when it came out so will this!
I also wonder how far will Amy go with this?Will she also get a 'scan' off the internet as Eva did?

coconno196 said...

Do the writers seriously think that folk bring flasks of tea to church?! Or is it m
eant to show how disrespectful the Hibbs family and their associates are?

Louby said...

The Amy pregnancy story is similar to Natasha years ago, she carried on pretending she was still pregnant after having an abortion.

Mrs Lynch said...

Sorry but that was a load of rubbish. The funeral scenes were dreadful and I couldn't half believe what I was watching. Why is the focus on characters who viewers can't warm to? I really hoped they ended this gangster fetish and I hope we see the last of this Dog and Gun lot.

I can't believe David is seeing let alone sleeping with the woman who mothered his wife's killer. It'd be national news. The press would love it.

I couldn't care less about Sinead whose absence killed any momentum her storyline had. I honestly thought she died. Why was Daniel moaning about peace and quiet in the cafe, you have a home, do your essay there.

The only good to come out of the double bill was Carla and Roy because you know you are going to get a decent acting scene. The sort of performances that we saw a lot of in the classic era.

dhvinyl said...

And the point about insurance is well made. Carla is one if the very few residents to have a brain. Running a business without insurance....It’s about as ludicrous as talentless shakyhead Gary quoting £50,000 for job he’s presumably going to do on his own!!

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): There have been so many disasters at that factory that no insurance agency will probably touch them!LOL Yeah, I was pretty surprised to see that Gary had gone from penniless, jobless contractor living on a hilo to Carla's go to guy for a massive roof job! Not to mention that roofing takes a particular type of expertise, as well as specialized equipment and massive worker insurance. Is Gary just going to rock up and slap on a roof?! And if Carla had gotten a quote from an actual professional with working capital, he probably wouldn't have required 50% upfront to buy the materials to do the job. That's amateurville.

But I can see why insurance might not cover the 60K pound roof replacement. 1. I don't think it was originally covered because the building was unlocked with factory keys so they wouldn't pay out (causing some of Johnny's problems); and 2. even if they had paid out, they wouldn't pay out a second time to fix Phelan's mistakes. The minor repairs caused by the boat fire might be covered but given how many disasters the factory has had their deductible is probably so high that Carla doesn't want to make another claim.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Pouty, petulant, yelling, silly Seb as the next super villain? I hope not. He's just annoying. Need someone with some actual brains and presence (David or Nick) or at least some brawn and raw anger (Gary).

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): What I find constantly ludicrous is the juxtaposition of Shona and Clayton. Not just that rat-faced, nasty Clayton looks older than his "mother" but just that it seems so starkly impossible that this woman with such kind, gentle, and compassionate behaviours and demeanour ever gave birth to and raised such a vile, violent, vicious human being. He's a teenager who turned out the opposite of his mother in every way (violent/gentle, psycho/kind, ugly/beautiful, short/tall, screaming and foul/quiet and well-spoken, greedy/generous, hateful/loving) etc. etc. etc. If you don't have a drug addiction or onset of a serious mental illness to explain this, it is just beyond the realms of the possible that Shona with her loving nature would have raised a child like Clayton. Saying he went to live with his father when he was 12 is not explanation enough!

Pat said...

A business woman like Carla would know to get more the one quote for the building repair work. Why just take Gary's word about the whole roof being dodgy? He could easily have been trying to scam her.

coconno196 said...

Yes, ridiculous that Carla didn't get more quotes. When did Gary ever qualify as a builder anyway. He started with odd jobs then was suddenly building houses!

Also, how did the journalist get David's mobile number??


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