Monday, 18 February 2019

The best Coronation Street promo of all time?

Is this the best Coronation Street promo of all time?  I'd forgotten all about it but when I watched it again this morning, all I kept thinking was... how much did ITV pay for that leopard?

The promo was to herald the return of Julie Goodyear to the show as iconic barmaid Bet Lynch. Sadly, she didn't stay on the show very long. But the promo is well worth another look.  It's as camp as Christmas too.

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Bring Back Todd/Bruno .... said...

I really miss Julie Goodyear, Bet Lynch was one of my all time favourite characters.

Anonymous said...

I've got a few personal favourites.

The one with Richard Hillman where he's sat at the bar thinking about all his gruesome murders, and Shelley Unwin asks if anything is wrong and he says "Never better Shelley!"

Speaking of Shelley Unwin, I like the promo for her wedding to Charlie Stubbs.

And I really like the one with the two Tony Gordons - one good, and one bad, but which one will make it home to Maria???

Corrie has done some very good promos over the years. Having said that, I think they've done some very questionable ones too!

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