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Saturday 23 February 2019

Connie Hyde Interview: Can Gina win her sister back?

Since Sally’s release from prison what has the relationship been like between Sally and Gina?
Very tense! It’s been very tense at the factory, they’ve not really seen each other socially, Gina’s trying her best to suck up to her really and get into her good books but Sally’s not having any of it.

Did Gina think Sally would be this stubborn or did Gina think she’d be easier to win round?
No she knows she’s stubborn but she also knows that eventually if she hangs on in there she will forgive her. She always has forgiven her in the past no matter what Gina’s done so she hopes that eventually she can wear her down.

Last week we saw Gina collecting money from the factory staff in order to organise a party for Sally but her good deed totally backfired when Kevin unknowingly took the money. How does Gina feel when Sally calls her a thief?
She’s absolutely devastated because she was trying to do a really lovely thing for Sally. I don’t think Sally would have enjoyed a Madonna themed party but the thought was there. Gina hasn’t taken the money so she’s deeply hurt by it.

Gina’s decides to go and stay with a friend for a while, what prompts this?
It’s not just that Sally didn’t believe her, she sort of expected that from Sally, it’s the fact that all the factory workers jump to the conclusion that she has taken the money straight away, they don’t give her the benefit of the doubt at all.

When Kevin returns he confirms that he in fact took the money. Gina’s relieved, does she think then that people will come back round to her?
She’s incredibly relieved, she’s been dealing with a barrage of horrible thoughts, she felt so betrayed by people that nobody stood by her. She feels very isolated, she doesn't feel like she’s got any friends as well as losing her sister. 

Kevin comes through for Gina and asks her to think twice about leaving, saying she can stay with him for a while, how does Gina react to that suggestion?
She’s incredibly thankful to him, she’s known Kevin for a long time and she’s also been through Sally hurting him too so they are very good friends. She stood by him when Jack was in hospital after the sepsis, they’re close, so it means a lot to her. 

With Kevin fighting her corner does Gina hope that she can change everyone’s opinion of her?
Yes, the facts are the facts she didn’t steal the money so I think if people apologise to her then hopefully they can move forward, Gina doesn’t really hold grudges. Her main priority is to get her sister back.      

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