Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Carla Connor and the curse of Pat Phelan

Pat Phelan was one of Coronation Street's greatest villains and while he might be dead and buried, his legacy looks set to live on.

This week in Coronation Street, Gary told Carla that the roof at Underworld needs redoing completely because Phelan had done a bodge job on the work he carried out initially. If Phelan had done his job right, there'd be no need for Gary to rip the roof off and start again. This is work that Carla can ill afford and so it looks as if she'll be carrying on Phelan's tradition of cutting corners herself and go for a roof-repair-lite rather than fork out for the full thing.

I'm pleased Phelan is the one to take the blame for the roof collapse at Underworld, which will unfold on our screens in the coming weeks. There are tabloid rumours that someone will die in the collapse too and Phelan's part in it all makes me wonder if it'll be someone that Phelan was involved with - young Seb perhaps? Or maybe Anna returns and the roof kills her? I'm just guessing out loud here. But it'd be interesting to know if you can spot any links too. The clues, as they say, are all starting to pile up now.

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C in Canada said...

It took me awhile to remember why this roof needed doing again so soon.
Phelan strikes again, this time from the grave!
My bet is on Seb being the one who gets killed by the collapse.
Perhaps trying to get Gary in trouble for cutting corners with the roof?

Christie said...

I think it’s someone closer to Carla as, allegedly, almost everyone turns against her. That includes her family. So my guess would be Rana, who is probably in the factory with Kate for a last minute alteration to her dress with Beth, when the roof collapses.

C in Canada said...

Oooh, I hadn't thought of Rana, who is leaving the show!
Good sleuthing Christie!

Christie said...

Haha thanks! It’ll be interesting to see if the prediction is right :) I also predict that it’ll be Seb that sabotages the roof work to get back at Gary and Carla ends up in the frame.

Anonymous said...

Recently,Seb found five thousand pounds underneath Eileen's sink and I wonder if that was kickback money for cheaper materials for the roof?
If so then Eileen used blood money for the holiday that she gave to Steve.

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