Saturday, 23 February 2019

Preview clip: Corrie hints at romance for Kevin and Gina

In the official preview clips for next week's Coronation Street, ITV Coronation Street are hinting at a romance for Kevin and Gina, his ex-wife's sister.

Having told Sally, to no avail, that Gina is innocent of stealing the money, Kevin begs Gina to think twice about leaving and offers her a bed at No.13 for as long as she likes.  

You can view the preview clip here. It's from the episode to be aired on Friday 1 March.

Now, I know that Kev offering Gina a place to stay, at a time when she's desperate and has nowhere else to go, doesn't mean that romance is necessarily on the cards for them both. But remember, this is the world of soap... where anything can happen and it usually does. I suspect a romance brewing for these two - and it'll get right up Sally's nose.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Well, you could have writ this large in sparkly letters when we first heard about Gina moving in with Kev. Re-run of Gina and Tim.

Anonymous said...

i think this pairing could be interesting as Gina was very supportive to Jack when his foot was amputated and was feeling self conscious about it so their scenes could be interesting.
As for Sally, she was also jealous of Kevin and Anna's relationship too and since they're divorced whomever Kevin dates is no longer Sally's business.
I think Sally wants her cake and eat it too,married to Tim but ensuring Kevin stays single 'just in case'.

Anonymous said...

Noth Gina and Kevin are the great unwashed.

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