Tuesday, 26 February 2019

New! Coronation Street birthday cards

Coronation Street fan Gregs_Art has created these wonderful Corrie birthday cards which you can buy here.

It's down to creative Corrie fans like Greg and Pickled Jo, and if I may even blow my own trumpet, me - who make artwork and write books to share with Corrie fans

With the exception of the current Coronation Street saga books (Mother's Day, Christmas and one to be published), the only other official merchandise available for fans to buy is a few branded Corrie Tour items on sale at the tour itself. There's nothing else. Zilch. Nada. Nowt.

The official Corrie merchandise account run by a company called Tomato Source at https://twitter.com/corrie_merch hasn't been updated in almost a year which perhaps means that their merchandising license expired. Does anyone know for sure?

Come on, ITV, give fans some of the things they want. 

You could start by giving fans a chance - fans like Gregs_Art and @PickledJo and all the fans out there creating wonderful stuff already.

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