Sunday, 24 February 2019

Time to bring back Dev's daughter, Amber

Sunny Jim and I were waxing lyrical t'other night about Amber, Dev's daughter. We were wondering what happened to her and why she was never mentioned or talked about any more.  And that got us thinking that it's about time Amber came back.

Amber was last seen on screen in March 2012, seven whopping years ago!
She's Dev's daughter, born through an affair that he had with one of his shop workers. She and Dev always had quite a stormy relationship and the last time we saw her, she was storming off the cobbles heading back to live in that London rather than stay with her dad.

But surely it's time for Amber to return to bring a little excitement into her dad's life? Maybe she could get together with Sophie again, who's single after solicitor Paula's done a bunk.

I liked Amber a lot. I thought she had spirit, she was spiky and not too easy to put into a stereotypical soap box. Or maybe that's exactly why she's never mentioned... who knows?

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Connor White said...

Amber and Dev's other daughter Shareen should be resurrected like Alex and Ryan last year.

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to see the return of Dev's Uncle Umed. I always thought he was hilarious!

njblas said...

I thought she was great too! Especially in her first stint. When she came back they had changed her character into a manipulative bisexual vamp and it didn't really work. But it's weird that she's never mentioned:)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about her the other day! She should definitely return.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Uncle Umed die?

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