Saturday, 23 February 2019

Sex with Chesney? He leaves his flaming socks on!

One of my favourite tweets of the week from the official ITV Coronation Street twitter account at @itvcorrie is their preview sneak peek pictures. 

Each Saturday, ITV Coronation Street post four images from scenes they're currently filming. They give a hint, and nothing more, of what's to come in the show.  Eagle-eyed fans (me) often zoom in on these pictures, hoping to find a hidden message or spoiler, but alas, ITV are too clever by half and make sure that the images are spoiler free.  But still, they're fun and it's good to see who's filming with who in a behind-the-scenes look, which I love.

But in this week's preview images, there's a wonderful picture of Chesney and Gemma on the sofa, nude. Well, they're covered by a blanket but they're clearly At It. Or have been. Or are about to be. And what's tickled me about this most of all? That Chesney leaves his socks on when he has ess-ee-ex.

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popcorn said...

That was the first thing I noticed in this pic.

maggie muggins said...

I'm more offended by the "stars and stripes" blanket than the lack of socks!

coconno196 said...

But why have sex on the sofa (often too small for comfort) when there are bedrooms available?!

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