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Tuesday 19 February 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 18th February

The (very) Old Bill are 'round to mildly interrogate Carla about her involvement (or not) with the boat fire. Well, at least it isn't D.S. McKinnon here to arrest the wrong suspect again - the poor woman's probably had a nervous breakdown by now. D.I. Michelle is on the case and asks Carla why she deleted the CCTV, and Ms Connor confesses that it was Roy who started the fire. Michelle, who is bizarrely the voice of reason in this ep, points out that he can't be arrested if he was sleep-walking, but Carla thinks Roy is too vulnerable to go through a police enquiry. Later, Peter tells Carla that the police have closed their investigation into the fire as they consider it an accident, but Seb tells Peter that he saw her putting a bin liner full of clothes into the boot of her car.

Meanwhile Tracy is determined that "Poundshop gangster", Tyler shouldn't be working at the Bistro, and she rushes around there to tell Michelle and Robert her views. For once, 'Chelle is in agreement with Tracyluv. Tracy approaches Tyler, offering him £5K to never darken hers, or the Bistro's doors ever again, but Amy is starting to come 'round to the idea of Tyler having involvement with the baby, basing her opinions on the fact that Steve wanted nothing to do with Oliver - until he did, and now he's a great (part-time) dad. However, Tracy is nothing if not stubborn and she calls the cops on Tyler. Amy tells them that sex with Tyler was consensual, although the policewoman reminds her that she was too young to consent. Steve finds out about the attempted bribe and as he and Tracy argue on the doorstep of the police station, Amy disappears. She's in the nature garden and Tyler approaches her to talk, and he apologises to her, for getting her pregnant in the first place and being beastly to her when she told him she was up the duff, but tells her he doesn't want anything to do with the baby and she should work out what she wants. First Michelle, then Tyler, which other unlikely person else is going to come up with words of wisdom? Beth? Gail?? When she finally goes home, Amy packs a bag and goes to stay with Ken. I'm not sure how that's going to help! Bethany decides she's going to be a mentor to Amy and unlike her actual parents, talks sympathetically to her. Amy tells her that she's made a new appointment for the abortion clinic.

Mary is still acting the (Stepford) wife to "Tyger", bringing him butties for his "brinner". When he goes him for his actual dinner, she's made lasagne and pours the wine, and later does the floss for him, the saucy minx. She offers to give him a massage, and at this point, Tyrone tells Mary that they can only be friends, and brings up the Valentine's card, which was from Ruby, apparently. Mary storms out, telling him that she doesn't have feelings for him and she's "betrayed, outraged and angry". She informs him that if he was the last man on earth, she would pro-create with him, but would take no pleasure in it because Ty is "lazy, untidy and drinks too much". When will TPTB let Mary have a proper boyfriend?

Gary agrees to fix the smoke damage to number 8, and massages the figures so as to make a few bob, but Sarah (and David) make him drop it by a grand.

Kevin asks Tim to settle the Streetcars service bill early, because he needs to pay for Jack's school trip. Sally offers to chip in for the trip, but he turns her down. Later, Sophie offers the same, calling it a rent increase, but Kev sees straight through it.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

They should have paired Mary with Brian which would have had lots of potential comedy. They both act as though they've got the leading role in a Hollywood movie. I could see them, lovestruck, staring up at the moon outside the Rovers and perhaps Mary bursting into song. But, sadly, not to be.

Anonymous said...

I agree Humpty Dumpty! I don't dislike Cathy and Brian together but Mary and Brian would have been comedy gold! Oddly (and I think I'm in the minority here) I liked Cathy with Roy. If he was going to move on from Hayley with anyone, then Cathy was the best candidate.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I love both Brian and Mary but think they would have been way too much together. For these comedy pairings (and often in life), you need one straight person and one over the top; or one high drama and the other the deflating voice of reason (like Rita and Mavis, Chesney and Gemma, Tracy and Mary, Norris and Mary etc.). I love Brian and Cathy together--she's the comic voice of reason to his excess. They seem to go together more naturally than Brian and Julie ever did. I think Mary could work well with Roy, now that's she no longer stalking him and he's had more time to grieve for Hayley. They're both eccentric, high intelligent and unconventional people who love kids. Agreed It WOULD be nice to see Mary with an actual boyfriend, as opposed to being pimped out by Dev as a free nanny service.I found that curiously offensive that he was going around offering her free nanny services to all and sundry. Sort of like a rich 19th guy passing around his servants to friends.


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