Sunday, 17 February 2019

Simon Barlow - the luckiest Corrie kid alive?

Another week in Weatherfield, another chance for Simon Barlow to escape a Corrie fire.  It's not the first time young Simon Barlow has been involved in a Coronation Street fire. In fact, it's  the third! Or at least, that's how many times we can recall Simon being rescued from a fire - but if you know different, as always, do let us know.

In December 2010, Simon was trapped in 13 Coronation Street after a fire, which was an after-effect of a tram crashing off the viaduct and into the Corner Shop. Jason Grimshaw rescued him after going inside and finding him hiding in a closet. During the same crash, Peter was critically injured and married Leanne in hospital while he was facing death. Peter eventually recovered.

Cast your mind back even further. In early 2009, Peter drunkenly set fire to his flat trapping him and Simon inside before being rescued by Luke "I always go back for the rabbit" and Tony Gordon. Peter was distraught that his drinking had nearly killed his son. He vowed then never to touch another drop and he didn't... until he did and the drinking started all over again.

If Simon's like the cat who had nine lives, then he's got six more fires to survive!

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