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Thursday 28 February 2019

Who are the new Coronation Street legends?

Watching Coronation Street last night I was once again impressed by the way Tracy has been softly, subtly and gently transformed from the toxic man-killing Tracy that we all knew and love into the very epitome of maternal love for Amy.  The change began after Deirdre died and has continued since, in a very natural way which has worked to make Tracy's change believable.  It set me off wondering if I would consider Tracy McDonald now to be a Coronation Street legend and I have to admit that I would.

Which of course, set me off wondering which other current Corrie characters would be considered legends at this time.  For me, it would be the ones pictured above - Jenny BradleyConnor, Steve McDonald, Liz McDonald, Roy Cropper and of course my favourite character, Rita Tanner.

Who are your Coronation Street legends right now - the ones we'll remember in years to come, even if they're no longer part of the show?

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Anonymous said...

All of the above, plus Carla, Peter, Gail, David, Mary, Norris, Sally, Ken... Also former characters Becky and *possibly* Eva and Kylie.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The writers have given themselves a problem with Tracy. They've used her in the past as a plot device to upset a situation. I never felt there was a story arc with her and she still blows hot and cold out of nowhere. So maybe she's on the way to being a legend. Jenny who hasn't been back long is certainly a legend in my opinion. She's a throw-back to the tough, charismatic women of old Corrie while still being very contemporary. Peter is a legend but he's poorly used at the moment. I wish we could see more of his dry humour and, for goodness sake, why don't Corrie characters have best mates. You really get to understand a character when they open their hearts to one other person. It seems ridiculous that Tracy who has lived most of her life on the Street doesn't have at least one old school friend. Roy, Rita, Mary are individual enough to be legends - or iconic, as we used to say. One definition of a soap icon was the public always referred to them by their first name. Harder to do with David and Steve, which are fairly common names, but a real soap fan wouldn't have much trouble.

Anonymous said...

Don’t agree with Tracy. Let’s not forget she’s a cold blooded murderer. She may have softened somewhat,but she’s still frequently vile to most of the other characters.
Jenny has not been back long enough to be considered a legend either.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Can't have too many legends or the term becomes meaningless. So, I'd vote for Jenny. She's amazing! Like Humpty says tough, charismatic, modern-timeless, really, but also vulnerable. Great chemistry with all the characters she works with--Johnny, Gemma, Rita, Liz, Kevin, Aidan, Carla. And she is unexpectedly funny delivering her snarky one liners behind the bar at Rovers--didn't know she would be so good at the comic side. Finally fantastic outfits too--classy, yet sexy--all accessorized with the perfect hair. Wish I could look that good! LOL.

I'd suggest Audrey too--she's been epic in a variety of story lines-or even Audrey, Gail, David, Nick, Sara as a legendary family-the Platts rock it and the two matriarchs (Gail and Audrey) just add that extra level of crazy.
Tracy is too tedious as a character and the actress too one-dimensional to ever be legendary. She's good at the one role she does but little else, and still yells her lines. Ditto for Steve. Liz is great but a bit of a caricature. Mary has not been given deep enough stories to develop legendary status.

where's Emily?? said...

Much as I hate to say it....GAIL!! She's been on the street for eons..hate her or love her, she's had some iconic relationships


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