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Sunday 24 February 2019

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 11th and 13th September 1991

I've been doing these recaps for months now and every single time I've had to remind myself to write Ivy Brennan instead of Ivy Tilsley.  Really, I could've saved myself the hassle, because Ivy's devotion to the Tilsley name and all it stands for means she's a Brennan in theory only.  She went round Gail's and stamped her miserable little foot all over any idea of Martin adopting Nicky and Sarah-Lou.  Gail threw it back in her face and Don lost his temper with her, so it was all working out well.  The Gilroys took Vicky back to her boarding school, with Alec trying to talk himself up to the headmistress (calling the Rovers a "hotel-cum-hostelry") and Bet being down to earth, refusing a cup of coffee because "it goes right through me" and boasting about her hotpotsAlma and Ken had a supper in her flat, though she worried she'd ruined it by talking about Mike the whole time.  It'd take more than that to put off Ken Barlow in heat, love.  Des put his house up for sale, and Mavis was horrified when a burly dog breeder with a van full of mutts turned up to view it.  Jim wound her up by telling her he was a scrap metal dealer as well.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 16th and 18th September 1991

After being empty since the posh side of the Street was built, number 12 was finally sold... to Reg Holdsworth.  Rita was understandably furious and even floated the idea of moving.  Alma and Ken got closer, and he planted a kiss on her; she said she wasn't ready, but they continued to see each other, with him preparing a posh meal of Shropshire Blue and taramasalata for her.  He had to order it special from the shop and when Deirdre nipped round to visit she realised he was on a hot date with Alma.  Liz was late for work, and sulky and argumentative with Alec.  She confessed she'd been to the doctor's and Jim assumed it was cancer.  It was something far happier: Liz was pregnant...

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 20th and 23rd September 1991

New resident Reg worked his way round the Street antagonising everyone in sight with his forced bonhomie.  Rita told him she wasn't interested, Angie refused to help him decorate, and Curly lied about the location of Martin's stag night so he couldn't attend.  Alma and Ken went to the theatre together and kept everything platonic.  He told her about Mike's affair with Deirdre then invited her on a foodie weekend.  Liz decided she didn't want to have a baby and told Jim she wanted an abortion, even though he was overjoyed at the idea of becoming a dad again.  When she got to the clinic, though, she couldn't bring herself to do it.  The Platt-Tilsley wedding preparations reached top gear as Gail met Martin's mum for the first time.  Ivy was still furious about her grandkids being adopted by a man who'd love and care for them, and she got Nicky round for a kebab and a lecture about the importance of the name.  In the Rovers, Emily bemoaned people who use their wills to "take a perverse delight in making life difficult for those they leave behind", and Human Discarded Corn Plaster Ivy took inspiration.  She decided Nicky would only get any money from her when she died if his surname was Tilsley.  (Interestingly, this is exactly what happened when Ivy died four years later; it's fascinating to see it was seeded way back then).

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 25th and 27th September 1991

There were the highs and lows of married life in these two episodes.  Liz confessed that she felt trapped, forced into having a baby.  Jim told her he wanted the child but it was her decision; she finally decided to have it after she saw him caring for Rosie.  Don went on Martin's stag do, mainly to escape Ivy's sour face and generally unpleasant demeanour.  He got talking to a barmaid called Julie and ended up sharing a taxi with her.  Martin meanwhile got absolutely legless.  Des took him back to number 6, but forgot to tell Gail, who lost her mind when he was out all night.  She told him it was all off, but Audrey and Alma demanded she go through with it because they'd bought new hats, and that was that.  Gail had her third wedding (though she did express doubt about the name Platt on her hen do, which explains why she spent the rest of her life changing it).  At the reception, Nicky casually referred to Martin as his dad, and Ivy corrected him. telling him Brian was looking down on him from heaven.  She also disapproved of Martin's mum looking after the kids while the happy couple were on their surprise honeymoon because she's just horrible.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 30th September and 2nd October 1991

Randy Reg the Groping Grocer started to make friends in the Street.  Mavis stayed in for his waterbed delivery (yikes) and he presented her with a bunch of flowers as thanks.  Percy was pleased there was a respectable businessman in the area.  Only Rita resisted, until two thugs broke the glass on the Kabin's front door and Reg helped her clean up and arrange a glazier.  The McDonalds told Steve and Andy they were going to have a baby, and Jim announced it to the pub.  Liz confessed that she wouldn't have chosen to get pregnant but now it was happening she was excited.  Ken and Alma's weekend away was a bit of a disaster, as they'd both ended up in the same room and he'd had to sleep on the sofa.  Audrey sniffed out that something was up and managed to get Ken to admit their sleeping arrangements.  Alma thought he was gossiping and said they should cool things down.  Miserable sow Ivy Tilsley was still ranting about Martin's mum looking after her grandkids and refused to give her the time of day.  Don was far more amenable, and ended up having his tea with her.  Ivy was naturally furious and forced him to eat the dried up slop she'd cooked because she is really quite horrible.

@merseytart is trying to watch the Liz and Jim story as it is and not think about that awful Australian girl from last year.

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Anonymous said...

Bonnie in Canada

Great post! It's good to be reminded that not everyone was sweetness and light in the old eppies. I know people have complained about Tyrone's nan Evelyn and how awful she is, but Ivy Tilsley was really a horrible person, far worse than Evelyn could ever hope to be.

Louby said...

I love how you describe Ivy in your posts- discarded corn plaster!! She really was horrible and she was that level of nasty for years and years. She must have had a mellow phase when Don decided he'd like to spend the rest of his life with her!

Anonymous said...

Poison Ivy was wicked, but my goodness Lynne Perrie could act.


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